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Not So Magic Rice 04/09/18
Leaky Gut Syndrome Quackery 10/02/17
4 ways to protect your brain with diet 07/18/17
Chicken skin: to eat, or not to eat 06/19/17
Change is here 06/12/17
Medical technology 03/27/17
The science behind the DASH diet, an overview 07/25/16
How the Standard American Diet (SAD) affects the brain (Part Two) 05/26/16
How the Standard American Diet (SAD) affects the brain (Part One) 05/23/16
Inflammation 05/16/16
Glycemic Index 05/09/16
Shellfish Allergy 05/05/16
Egg Allergy 05/05/16
Legume and Tree Nut Allergies 05/02/16
Oral Allergy Syndrome 05/02/16
Food allergies: an overview 04/28/16
Pancreatic Cancer 04/25/16
Breast Cancer 04/21/16
Prostate Cancer 04/18/16
Colorectal Cancer 04/11/16
Popcorn, Part 2 06/25/15
Popcorn 06/22/15
Rice-A-Roni Redux 06/15/15
Doctors are Changing 06/01/15
Busting the Myth: Eating Healthy is Cheaper and Doesn't Take Longer 05/04/15
Tacos 04/28/15
The Intersection of Food and Health 04/20/15
"Diet Strategies for Weight Loss and Better Nutrition" 04/13/15
Sugar 04/06/15
The New Year's Resolution You Should Make 12/30/13
Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures 06/17/13
The New Year's Resolution Problem 01/07/13
MyPlate 06/04/12
The Mediterranean Diet and Weight Loss 05/29/12
The DASH Diet and the Mediterranean Diet 05/14/12
What is the DASH Diet? 05/07/12
What are Antioxidants? 04/23/12
On Being a Patient: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, V 02/13/12
On Being a Patient: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, IV 01/30/12
On Being a Patient: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, III 01/16/12
On Being a Patient: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, II 01/02/12
On Being a Patient: Diagnosed with Celiac Disease 12/26/11
Soup to the Rescue 11/28/11
The Mediterranean Diet Guide 10/24/11
Butter vs. Margarine 07/18/11
Should I be Concerned About Cholesterol in Food? 07/11/11
Forget You Ever Heard the Words "Low" and "Fat" and "Diet" Together 06/20/11
Bending the Truth with "Experts" 06/13/11
Lying With Statistics: Kellogg's Does It So Well 05/16/11
Diet, Obesity and Alzheimer's Disease 05/09/11
How to Lose Belly Fat 05/02/11
Nine People You Should Follow 04/25/11
What Not to Eat: Processed Food Edition 04/11/11
What Not To Eat: High Fructose Corn Syrup Edition 04/04/11
How to Eat More Fruit 03/28/11
In Memoriam 03/21/11
What Not To Eat: Lunch Edition 03/14/11
Mediterranean Diet Score 03/07/11
Exercise: You Can Too! 02/28/11
What Not to Eat: Cereal Edition 02/21/11
What Not to Eat 02/14/11
Improving Your Cholesterol 02/07/11
Trust: An Editorial 01/31/11
Exercise, Part Four 01/24/11
Exercise, Part Three 01/17/11
Exercise, Part Two 01/10/11
Exercise, Part One 01/03/11
Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) - What Is It? 12/27/10
Being Careful with Alcohol 12/13/10
Navigating The Holiday Party 11/29/10
Bad News, Good News – Diabetes On The Rise, But There's A Solution 11/08/10
Halloween Candy Is Your Friend: Really! 11/01/10
Lowering Cholesterol 10/25/10
Water Helps You Lose Weight! 09/20/10
Eggs Aren't A Problem 09/13/10
Labor Day: A Time for Food 09/04/10
Fourth Of July: Time To Splurge 06/28/10
Vitamin D in Foods 05/31/10
More on High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) 04/26/10
Genetically Modified Foods 04/12/10
Teaching Wellness 03/25/10
Information Matters 02/08/10
The Picture of Success 01/18/10
The Mediterranean Diet IS a Diabetic Diet! 09/14/09
How to Eat Healthy: The Mediterranean Diet: Fruit and Nuts 10/19/09
How to Eat Healthy: The Mediterranean Diet: Vegetables 10/05/09
How to Eat Healthy: The Mediterranean Diet: Introduction 09/28/09
How to Eat Healthy: How to Look at Sodium on Food Labels 09/21/09
The Mediterranean Diet IS a Diabetic Diet! 09/14/09
How to Eat Healthy: Hold the Salt.... 09/14/09
How to Eat Healthy: Menu Planning 09/07/09
How to Eat Healthy: Reading Food Labels 08/31/09
How to Eat Healthy: Fiber Might be the Best of All 08/24/09
How to Eat Healthy: Carbohydrates are Good for You, Too 08/17/09
How to Eat Healthy: Is Fat Good For You? 08/10/09
How to Eat Healthy: Saturated Fats 08/03/09
How to Eat Healthy: Fats 07/27/09
How to Eat Healthy: Fiber 07/20/09
How to Eat Healthy: Carbohydrates 07/13/09
How to Eat Healthy: Why You Should Keep A Food Diary 07/06/09
How to Eat Healthy: What Are Really Realistic Goals? (Really.) 06/29/09
How to Eat Healthy: What is Your Motivation? 06/22/09
How to Eat Healthy: Calories Count 06/15/09
How to Eat Healthy: The Easy Lunch 06/08/09
How to Eat Healthy: Breakfast 06/01/09
Exercise and Supplements 05/18/09
Change Matters 04/27/09
Three Meals a Day 04/20/09
What to Put on Your Dinner Plate 04/13/09
Change Your Pantry and Get Healthy 04/06/09
Perception Matters 03/30/09
Eating Healthy Alone 03/16/09
Silly Fad Diets Debunked 03/02/09
Reading Nutrition Labels 02/23/09
Nut and Seed Choices 02/16/09
We're Ten Years Old This Week 01/05/09
Interview on Diet and Aging 12/29/08
Unsaturated Fats 11/10/08
Saturated Fats 11/03/08
Fats 10/27/08
Halloween Candy 10/20/08
Portion Size 10/13/08
The Big Five-Oh 09/29/08
Chain Restaurant Madness 09/22/08
Grapefruit Interactions 09/15/08
Diverticulitis, nuts and seeds. 09/08/08
Realistic Goals 08/25/08
What Should You Weigh? 08/18/08
Don't Weight To Lose 06/23/08
Ingredients are Everything 05/19/08
The Right Dose of Vitamin K 04/07/08
The Negative Calorie Diet 03/31/08
It's Spring... 03/24/08
5 Tips for Healthier Holiday Dining 11/12/07
A Nutty Thing.... 10/29/07
More About Fiber 10/22/07
Announcing My eatTHISdiet 10/15/07
Don't Eat Fast Food 10/08/07
Cooking with Alcohol 09/24/07
Eating Out, Part Two 09/17/07
Eating Out, Part One 09/10/07
When's Lunch? 08/20/07
What's For Breakfast? 08/13/07
Hold the Salt. 07/30/07
What about breakfast? 04/02/07
Sodium and Food Labels 03/26/07
Carb Basics 02/19/07
New Year's 2007 01/08/07
Give Thanks 11/13/06
Little Things Do Matter (A Lot!) 11/06/06
One fish, Two fish, Mercury in Your Fish 10/30/06
Shrimp are Fine! 10/23/06
Got Lactase? 9/25/06
Food Safety 9/18/06
A roughage life.... 9/11/06
Weighing In: Body Mass Index as a Guide to Your Health 8/28/06
What I (Un)Learned in Medical School 08/21/06
Eating Well and Eating Healthy On The Road 07/31/06
10 Quick Tips for Eating Healthy 07/17/06
Bean there, done that! 07/10/06
The True Cost and Benefit of Eating Healthy 07/03/06
On Coumadin® (warfarin) and eating healthy 06/26/06
Portion Size 06/12/06
The Mediterranean Diet (Part 2) 06/06/06
The Mediterranean Diet (Part 1) 05/30/06
Weight Loss Myths (Part 4) 05/22/06
Weight Loss Myths (Part 3) 05/15/06
Weight Loss Myths (Part 2) 05/08/06
Weight Loss Myths (Part 1) 05/01/06
From My Inbox (on Coumadin)... 04/24/06
More on Eating Less... 04/17/06
Good Fats Appear to Protect You From Pneumonia 04/10/06
Body Mass Index and Risk of Hospitalization and Death in Older Age 04/03/06
What About Gout? 03/27/06
Waist and Hip Measurements 03/20/06
Dietary Fat and the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease 03/13/06
Low Calorie Diets and Atherosclerosis 03/03/06
The Metabolic Syndrome 02/27/06
Why Well-Designed Research is So Important 02/20/06
Eat Less, Have a Younger Heart 02/13/06
Proof that You Can Eat Less, Eat Fewer Calories, and Still Be Satisfied 02/06/06
Low Fat Diets Don't Make You Fat 01/30/06
Eating fish slows the progression of heart disease! 01/22/06
Yes, You Can Eat Red Meat (Just Not Every Day) 01/09/06
A Mediterranean Diet Won't Make You Fat 01/02/06
More Good News for Coffee Drinkers 12/26/05
Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact 12/19/05
Eat Less, Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease 12/12/05
Fish Really IS Brain Food! 12/05/05
Good News for Women Who Drink Coffee 11/28/05
Eating Whole Grains May Help Prevent Age-Related Weight Gain 11/21/05
10 Things You Need to Know About Health Claims on Food Labels 11/14/05
10 Things You Need to Know About Reading Food Labels 11/07/05
Introducing eatTHISdiet - Comfort Food Diet 11/02/05
How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants 10/26/05
How Soy Can Improve Your Health 10/19/05
Body Mass Index 10/03/05

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Chef Tim Says...

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Roasted Turkey, Wild Rice, and Cranberry Salad 08/20/12
Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing 08/16/12
Maple Sage Turkey Breast: Recipe in Pictures 08/13/12
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Corn Quesadillas: Recipe in Pictures 07/09/12
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Happy Lundi Gras! 02/20/12
Sharp Holiday Gifts 12/12/11
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Mushrooms 11/07/11
Pork 10/17/11
Wine 10/10/11
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Clams 09/26/11
Mustard 09/19/11
Vinaigrette 09/12/11
Pesto 08/29/11
Pistachios 08/22/11
Peanuts 08/15/11
Pasta Shapes 08/08/11
Braising 08/01/11
Ten Tips to Cook Like a Pro (Sort Of) 07/25/11
The Summer Salad Construction Kit 06/06/11
How to Create Your Own Recipes 05/23/11
Guilt Free Snacks and Treats 04/18/11
A Different Rainbow 12/06/10
Halloween Candy 11/18/10
Shopping The Edges of the Grocery Store: Good For You or Myth? 10/11/10
Popsicle Time 04/19/10
Quick and Easy Does It 05/11/09
The Mediterranean Sauce Kit 05/04/09
The Price Myth 03/09/09
Practical Starch Choices 01/26/09
How to Choose Convenience Foods 01/19/09
Eggplant 01/12/09
Spain: Portion Size 12/15/08
Spain: Breakfast in Spain 12/08/08
Spain: Fast Food 12/01/08
Spain: Fresh Markets 11/24/08
Spain: Grocery Stores 11/17/08
Pans 10/06/08
Making Great, Healthy Food Easier Than Ever 06/02/08
Corn 05/12/08
Making Your Comfort Food Healthier 05/05/08
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Growing Herbs 04/18/08
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Tomatoes 03/10/08
Spinach 03/03/08
Ginger 02/25/08
Squash 02/18/08
Salt 02/11/08
Peppers 02/04/08
Clams 01/28/08
Onions 01/21/08
Poaching 01/14/08
Butter 01/07/08
Holiday Gift Guide, Part Three 12/10/07
Holiday Gift Guide, Part Two: Pizza 12/03/07
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Labor Day 08/27/07
Tomatillos 08/06/07
Avocados 07/16/07
Greater Tuna... 07/09/07
In Your Pantry: Refrigerator Items 07/02/07
Fourth of July, 2007 06/25/07
In Your Pantry: Cupboard Essentials 06/18/07
In Your Pantry: Fats 06/11/07
In Your Pantry: Baking 06/04/07
In Your Pantry: Fish 05/28/07
In Your Pantry: Shellfish, cont. 05/21/07
In Your Pantry: Shellfish 05/07/07
In Your Pantry: Other Meats 04/30/07
In Your Pantry: Red Meats 04/23/07
In Your Pantry: Beef 04/16/07
Strawberries 04/09/07
Baking Tips 02/26/07
Zucchini 01/15/07
Mushrooms 12/11/06
Tuna 12/04/06
Salmon 11/27/06
Wild Rice 11/20/06
Olive Oil 10/16/06
The Perfect Food: Pizza 10/02/06
Airport Food 08/07/06
Key Flavors, Mouthfeel, and Developing Recipes 07/24/06
At the Grocery 03/16/06
Desserts are Good, Chocolate is Better! 03/09/06
The Measure of Taste 02/02/06
Buy These Nifty Kitchen Gadgets 01/12/06
Stick Someone With This Gift 01/05/06
Size Does Matter 12/22/05
Your Most Important Kitchen Tools: Knives (Part 4) 12/15/05
Your Most Important Kitchen Tools: Knives (Part 3) 12/09/05
Your Most Important Kitchen Tools: Knives (Part 2) 12/01/05
Your Most Important Kitchen Tools: Knives (Part 1) 11/24/05
Umami 09/23/05