Coumadin-Safe Pantry Meals

Baked Penne (without parsley)
Fettucine Alfredo (without parsley)
Shrimp Fra Diavolo
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GERD-Friendly Pantry Meals

Creamy Mac and Cheese
Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Whole Wheat Linguine with Shrimp and Leeks
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Gluten Free Pantry Meals

Curried Cauliflower | Lactose Free Version
Tamale Pie with Black Beans
Ginger Papaya Whitefish
Tamale Pie with Black Beans
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Low-Sodium Pantry Meals

Red Pepper Orzo
Baked Penne
Pizza - Dill Pesto and Potato
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Lactose-Free Pantry Meals

Pizza with Thai Peanut Sauce & Scallop
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Healthy Main Course Recipes

Pantry Meals™

Making Great, Healthy Food Easier Than Ever

One area that we get the most positive comments on is the recipes that are a little easier to cook and take less time. As a physician I hear from my patients each and every day how busy they are and how much they want to make eating healthy a part of their lives, but that time is such a factor.

That's why l created Pantry Meals™. These are meals that you can make from items that you keep on hand in your cupboard, fridge or freezer. They are designed to be easier to make and take less active cooking time, and you'll always be able to put together a healthy dinner - even on your busiest days.


Broccoli Cheese Bake
Tamale Pie
Tuna Noodle Casserole

Pasta / Pizza

Chicken Parmesan
Pasta and Tomato Sauce
Pita Bread Pepperoni Pizza
Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo


Six Bean Salad


Six Bean Chili
Six Bean Soup


Curried Cauliflower | Lactose Free Version
Quick Tacos | Low Sodium Version
Quick Barbecue Pork (Pantry Meal)