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Nine People You Should Follow

I write a lot. People ask me sometimes how I get so much done and my answer is that it's part of the rhythm of my day to day life. We have this newsletter and the others that we send out every week, and while there are times that it seems a chore, mostly it's fun and easy.

There are others that write too, of course. Everyone has their reason and many a very specific agenda. Here at Dr. Gourmet we work hard to make sure that what we publish is founded in well designed and executed research. Being objective and being positive is challenging sometimes and I am not sure that I always get it right.

There are a few people that I very much respect and look up to. These are writers who I read avidly and I'd like to share them with you. Some write about medicine, some about food, some about psychology and others about diet and nutrition. If you follow Dr. Gourmet, I think you will appreciate their sensibilities.

1. Kevin Pho

Kevin Pho was one of the first physician bloggers. He now has a web site that hosts a number of other doctors who along with Dr. Pho write about the state of medicine today. While I don't always agree with his commentary, he is, like me a practicing internist in what is a very challenging profession and his discussions are an insight into the difficulties your doctor faces day to day.

2. Ben Goldacre

Dr. Goldacre has written a column for the U.K. newspaper The Guardian since 2003. He debunks claims made by everyone from journalists and government to pharmaceutical corporations and alternative medicine practitioners. He has stood firm in his work to show how important unbiased science is even in the face of many libel actions (the U.K. libel laws are very difficult to defend when action is brought in the courts).

3. Travis Saunders and Peter Janiszewski

These two Canadian researchers collaborate and publish Obesity Panacea, a blog that focuses on the science of nutrition, exercise and obesity research. Excellent, objective and thorough, this is a must read for anyone interested in the science of health. Their links to other like-minded individuals are always exceptional.

4. Nutrition Blog Network

OK, it's not a person, per se, but a group of bloggers all of like mind with many of them being Registered Dietitians. Most every blog is about food first and have scads of terrific recipes.

The content on most of the blogs couples food and recipes with evidence based diet and nutrition.

Here are a few that are just from the A section in the index (there are dozens of fantastic writers here):

5. Tara Parker-Pope

Ms. Parker-Pope pens The Well blog for the New York Times and does a fantastic job of reporting on topics of substance. Many journalists today reach for the sensational as their crutch to draw readers but her reporting never falters in its excellence. Week in and week out this is an excellent column.

6. Respectful Insolence

If you ever wondered about "scientific woo," this is the place for you. The comments made by others are the best part of this blog because they are, for the most part, thoughtful and well reasoned.

7. Calvin Trillin

There's no blog, Twitter or Facebook for Calvin Trillin and that seems so appropriate. Nonetheless, you can find him in The New Yorker and his books on food (such as The Tummy Trilogy) are absolutely fantastic.

8. Brian Wansink

Many of you have read our reviews of Dr. Wansink's work. It's fun and informative. There are tidbits in all of his work that help to inform us of the ways we interact with our food. Science translated.

9. Nigel Slater

It's likely you've never heard of Nigel Slater but he's one of the most popular food columnists in the U.K. and his comments on food and his recipes are always excellent.

I'd love to hear your ideas. Who do you follow? Why? Post yours to our Facebook page and share them with other fans of Dr. Gourmet.

Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life!

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.
Dr. Gourmet