Just Tell Me What to Eat!

The Delicious 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for the Real World

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP has counseled thousands of his patients on healthy, sustainable weight loss. Now he's compiled his best tips and recipes into a six-week plan for you to learn how to eat great food that just happens to be great for you.

Get the prescription for better health as well as healthy weight loss, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to cook it
  • When to eat it
  • What to eat at a restaurant
  • What to eat if you're in a hurry
  • and best of all....
  • Why eating great food is the best health decision you'll ever make.

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Good for you: less exercise than you might think 04/01/20
Still no good evidence: herbs for weight loss 03/25/20
Beverage taxes work 03/18/20
Stevia beverages may be boon for weight loss 03/11/20
Mediterranean diet helps reduce your risk of Crohn's 03/04/20
More reason to eat breakfast? 02/26/20
Mediterranean diet easier to stick to than intermittent fasting, Paleo 02/19/20
More vegetables, less meat: it can be done in restaurants 02/12/20
Will fewer carbohydrates at breakfast help you lose weight? 02/05/20
Testing conventional wisdom, Celiac disease edition 01/30/20
Low-carb vs. high-carb: who's less hungry? 01/22/20
More evidence against sweet drinks 01/15/20
How to 'cure' diabetes 01/08/20


Diabetics: stay off medication longer with a Mediterranean Diet 12/18/19
Protect your liver with coffee 12/11/19
When questionable research still proves something 12/04/19
High blood pressure? Exercise! 11/20/19
The risks of cutting too many calories 11/13/19
Just 4 healthy lifestyle factors make a big difference 11/06/19
Sugar-sweetened beverage sales ban contributes to lower intake 10/30/19
Put down the media at meal times 10/23/19
Better research on the impact of smaller plates 10/16/19
The strongest evidence yet: plant-based diets prevent diabetes 10/09/19
Gain less weight by snacking on nuts 10/02/19
Reduce PMS symptoms with whole grains 09/25/19
Just one soft drink per day increases your risk of death 09/18/19
The health risks for vegetarians 09/11/19
Live longer with more plant-based protein 09/04/19
A little movement yields big benefits 08/28/19
Does higher gluten intake in childhood mean greater risk of Celiac disease? 08/21/19
Improve glucose control with brown rice 08/14/19
Type 2 diabetic? Stay off medication longer with a Mediterranean-style diet 08/07/19
Protect your mind with Mediterranean Diet 07/31/19
Vegetarian required? The evidence isn't in 07/24/19
It's easier than you think to improve metabolic scores 07/17/19
When should you exercise? 07/10/19
Live longer with cabbage 06/26/19
Omega-3 supplements don't prevent heart disease 06/19/19
Avocados make it more satisfying 06/12/19
Whole grains better for your heart - and waist - than fruits and vegetables 06/05/19
Fast foods not just bigger: saltier 05/29/19
Processed foods make you fat 05/22/19
Taxing sugary drinks cuts purchases 05/15/19
Update on red and processed meat and colon cancers 05/08/19
Restaurant foods labeled "Gluten-free": Are they really? 05/01/19
Dieting? Maybe you should skip breakfast 04/24/19
Why diets fail 04/10/19
The health halo of "organic" 04/03/19
Are you sabotaging yourself with your choice of beverage? 03/27/19
Coffee consumption linked with reduced inflammation 03/20/19
Mediterranean Diet improves blood pressure in older adults 03/13/19
Diet drinks linked to stroke, heart disease 02/27/19
Drinking milk and risk of hip fractures 02/20/19
When 2 + 2 is more than 4 02/13/19
More evidence that breakfast may not be as important as previously thought 02/06/19
Fried foods: just how bad are they? 01/30/19
More sweets linked to more abdominal fat 1/23/19
"Drink more water" for UTIs: testing the old wives' tale 01/16/19
Mediterranean Diet and all-cause mortality, 2018 edition 01/09/19
Linking Mediterranean Diet scores with test results: important research 01/02/19


Cooking classes improve cooking confidence and behaviors 12/12/18
The 5:2 diet - intermittent fasting - debunked 12/05/18
Drinking coffee may reduce all-cause mortality 11/28/18
When the low-carb hype doesn't add up 11/21/18
Vitamin D supplements don't prevent cancer or heart disease 11/14/18
Breakfast may not be as important as previously thought 11/07/18
Legumes may help prevent diabetes 10/31/18
More organic foods may mean less cancer, but the evidence isn't in 10/24/18
Corn oil better for cholesterol than coconut oil 10/17/18
The right fats help reduce age-related weight gain 10/10/18
Red meat in a Mediterranean-style Diet 10/03/18
Portion size and consumption, healthy foods edition 09/26/18
'Resistant starch' does not improve glycemic control 09/19/18
Live more robustly in later life with a Mediterranean Diet 09/12/18
Beverages vs. food: the source of sugar matters 09/05/18
A pre-pregnancy low-carb diet puts you at risk of gestational diabetes 08/29/18
Evidence for moderation: carbohydrates 08/22/18
A higher protein diet may increase risk of heart failure 08/15/18
Take a doggy bag: eat less 08/08/18
A breakfast to keep you satisfied 08/01/18
Eating fish: how low can you go? 07/25/18
Will your caffeine metabolism affect whether coffee is good for you? 07/18/18
Is high blood pressure in pregnancy linked to later health risks? 07/11/18
The BMI/Breast Cancer Paradox 6/27/18
Gestational Diabetes Linked to Sugar-Sweetened Sodas 06/20/18
Got IBD? A low-FODMAP diet may be for you 06/13/18
Fresh vs. frozen vegetables: which is more nutritious? 06/06/18
Can we reverse the effects of 'supersizing'? 05/30/18
Take-out vs. made-from-scratch: weighing and pricing the options 05/23/18
How NOT to do science: very low carbohydrate diets and Type 1 diabetes 05/16/18
Low energy density foods keep you satisfied (and may help you lose weight) 05/09/18
Fish also good for diabetics: confirming conventional wisdom 05/02/18
Putting calories and sodium information on restaurant menus may backfire 04/25/18
The next step in the fight against heart disease: teaching medical students how to cook 04/18/18
Omega-3 supplements may not guard against heart attack 04/11/18
Pasta still won't make you gain weight 04/04/18
Testing resveratrol and curcumin as anti-inflammatories 03/28/18
Should you consume additional protein to help maintain muscle mass? 03/21/18
It's the quality of the carbohydrates that counts 03/14/18
B vitamin supplements linked to lung cancer 03/07/18
Genetically-based weight loss plans 02/28/18
Eating more highly processed foods linked to greater risk of cancer 02/21/18
Can you be fit and fat? 02/14/18
'Burning hot' tea linked to esophageal cancer 02/07/18
The paradox of front-of-package labeling 01/31/18
Prevent stomach cancer by drinking green tea 01/24/18
Mediterranean Diet may prevent asthma in children 01/17/18
A clear link between sugary drinks and weight gain 01/10/18
1 more reason to avoid Gestational Diabetes 01/03/18


Chocolate may help prevent PMS 12/27/17
Paleolithic ("Paleo") diet causes iodine deficiency 12/20/17
The power of small changes 12/13/17
High-glycemic-index diets linked to risk of Alzheimer's Disease 12/06/17
Pro-inflammatory diets lead to weight gain 11/29/17
"Meal" vs. "snack": the name matters 11/22/17
Beans reduce insulin response 11/15/17
Coumadin® (warfarin) may help prevent cancer 11/08/17
Most satisfying: dark or milk chocolate? 11/01/17
Portion size more important than turning off the TV 10/25/17
The importance of breakfast (it's not what you think) 10/18/17
Diet quality matters 10/11/17
Coffee and your heart 10/04/17
Get your exercise 09/27/17
Mushrooms vs. Meat 09/20/17
Good news for GERD sufferers 09/14/17
Reseal the bag 09/06/17
Low-carb beats low-cal (except when it isn't) 08/30/17
The power of movie tie-ins 08/23/17
Diet sodas may still increase your risk of diabetes 08/16/17
Fight hunger - with chewing gum 08/09/17
Should you eat more frequently? Probably not 07/26/17
Drink coffee, live longer 07/19/17
Which fats are linked with diabetes risk? 07/12/17
Low fat diets may actually be bad for you 07/05/17
Lose more weight with a vegetarian diet? Don't believe the hype 06/28/17
Red meat not as bad for you as we thought 06/21/17
The power of description 06/14/17
Good news about sodium 06/07/17
Avoid A-Fib with Chocolate 05/31/17
Dairy doesn't affect mortality risk 05/24/17
Coffee is brain food 05/17/17
Cooking at home is cheaper and better for you 05/10/17
The real truth about periodic fasting vs. cutting calories 05/03/17
More reason to switch your snacks to nuts 04/26/17
Don't buy the kids' menu hype 04/19/17
'Normal' BMI may mask risk in non-whites 04/12/17
Cashews for cholesterol 04/06/17
Home cooked meals more important than just eating with family 03/29/17
Drink your tea 03/22/17
Do you know how much salt is in your fast food? 03/15/17
Eggs' effect on Alzheimer's 03/08/17
Eat healthy, have less pain 03/01/17
It's not about weight loss 02/22/17
Which is better for you - a low carbohydrate diet or a high-fat diet? 02/15/17
Eating red meat does not lead to heart disease 02/08/17
Cut your risk of heart disease with whole grains 02/01/17
Sources of salt in your children's diet 01/25/17
Using welfare benefits at farmer's markets 01/18/17
Age faster with processed meats 01/11/17
More evidence that healthier isn't more expensive 01/04/17


Food plus medication equals.... 12/28/16
Making the cut - at restaurants 12/21/16
'Old' wheat strains not safer for Celiacs 12/14/16
Consider the source - of funding 12/07/16
Inflammation and depression 11/30/16
Live longer with legumes 11/23/16
Soybeans, legumes, and type 2 diabetes 11/16/16
Whole grain pasta is more satisfying 11/09/16
License to eat 11/02/16
Should you avoid full-fat cheese? 10/26/16
Caffeine safe for those with A-fib 10/19/16
Will eating more vegetables reduce the risk of red meat? 10/12/16
When should you eat your main meal? 10/05/16
How to use an activity tracker to help with weight loss 09/28/16
Encouraging those on SNAP to make better food choices 09/21/16
Not all fats 09/14/16
Don't demonize potatoes 09/07/16
Low-carb diets do not burn fat 08/31/16
The gap between daily and healthy 08/24/16
What green tea extract may actually do 08/17/16
Don't believe the picture 08/10/16
Do overweight elders live longer? 08/03/16
How to fight insulin resistance 07/27/16
Eat less: better in body and mind 07/06/16
A history of moderation may improve your chances of surviving colorectal cancer 06/29/16
How to help protect your daughters from breast cancer 06/15/16
Cranberry juice for UTIs redux 06/08/16
Another reason to avoid sugared sodas: your brain 06/01/16
An apple a day may help keep the grim reaper away 05/25/16
The importance of youthful fitness 05/11/16
Lose weight without trying - with beans 05/04/16
Long term high protein diets: bad for you? 04/27/16
Should you eat breakfast? 04/20/16
The impact of larger serving sizes 04/13/16
Tomatoes for prostate cancer 04/06/16
How to prevent hip fractures 03/30/16
How accurate is your wearable activity tracker? 03/23/16
Eggs and your risk of diabetes 03/16/16
Resolving the obesity paradox 03/09/16
Comparing the cost of meatless and non-meatless diets 03/02/16
More on the plate means more in the tummy, grownup version 02/24/16
Does the DASH diet have to be low-fat? 02/10/16
Shelf scores help improve food choices 02/03/16
Portion size perception is relative 01/27/16
It doesn't matter what kind 01/13/16
Watch the salting 01/06/16


Ditch the diet soda 12/30/15
Attract more women with garlic 12/16/15
Good news on cholesterol 12/09/15
Watch your waist, redux 12/02/15
A healthy diet may help reduce the effects of PMS 11/25/15
What's your personal portion size? 11/18/15
Exercise and Dementia 11/04/15
Yet another reason to drink water 10/28/15
When you don't know it's low sodium 10/21/15
Eat spicy food: live longer? 10/14/15
It may be nearby, but.... 10/07/15
Lean pork vs. chicken and fish in a DASH diet 09/30/15
Parents: walk the walk 09/23/15
Big news on breast cancer prevention 09/16/15
Improve your arthritis with a Mediterranean Diet 09/09/15
More on good saturated fats 09/02/15
Omega-3 supplements do not protect from dementia 08/26/15
Healthy snacking habits and skills start early 08/19/15
Don't be misled by association 08/12/15
More for breakfast linked to eating less overall 08/05/15
Good news about adding nutrition labels 07/29/15
Snack better, eat less later 07/22/15
The importance of reading the Nutrition Information 07/15/15
Stay sharp with a Mediterranean Diet 07/08/15
Avoid distraction 07/01/15
Whatever works 06/24/15
HFCS increases risk of heart disease 06/17/15
Caffeinated Coffee Linked to Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer 06/10/15
Eggs don't increase risk of diabetes 06/03/15
What's the best nut for your blood pressure? 05/27/15
Three servings of fruit per day can reduce your risk of heart disease 05/20/15
Not all fats are created equal 05/13/15
Not all fats.... 05/06/15
Mediterranean Diet, Mood, and Heart Health 04/29/15
Nuts and your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease 04/15/15
Eggs OK for Diabetics, Too 04/08/15
Quality counts! 04/01/15
More evidence for < 2,300 03/25/15
Beyond blood pressure 03/18/15
A victory for moderation 03/11/15
Death from all causes: even more reason to eat nuts 03/04/15
Does eating chocolate prevent diabetes? 02/25/15
Why pizza and alcohol go together 02/18/15
Whole wheat reduces inflammation 02/11/15
Read the label, toddler version 02/04/15
Should you be concerned about arsenic in rice? 01/28/15
Mind over matter? 01/21/15
DASH diet: more than high blood pressure? 01/14/15
Manage your child's expectations 01/07/15


Smoking for weight control 12/31/14
Fruits' fiber for life 12/17/14
Live longer (on a cellular level) with a Mediterranean Diet 12/10/14
Preventing fracture: more evidence against vitamin supplements 12/03/14
Good news about salt substitutes 11/26/14
Daily juice intake linked to higher central blood pressure 11/19/14
Fast food linked to depression in kids 11/12/14
Drinking milk may be bad for your bones 11/05/14
Cut calories by planning ahead 10/29/14
DASH diet helps treat effects of PCOS 10/22/14
Eating fish keeps your brain robust 10/15/14
Visualize the sugar 10/08/14
Cure Type 2 Diabetes with a Mediterranean-Style Diet 10/01/14
Diet drinks may encourage long term weight gain 09/17/14
Drinking black tea may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer 09/10/14
More poorly designed diet research: low-fat vs. low-carb diets 09/03/14
Sodium might make you... fat? 08/27/14
Non-celiac gluten sensitivity: does it exist? 08/13/14
Don't let the brand fool you 08/06/14
Whole grains reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease 07/30/14
Belly fat and sodas 07/23/14
Exercise because it's fun 07/09/14
Added sugars may affect heart health risk factors in children 07/02/14
Connecting the dots 06/25/14
A high-GL diet may help maintain weight loss 06/18/14
Could what's good for you be good for the planet? 06/04/14
What The American Beverage Association wants you to think 05/28/14
"Reduced fat" doesn't mean "reduced flavor" 05/21/14
Fool yourself with plate design 05/14/14
Kids skipping breakfast: more than oversleeping 05/07/14
Kids who cook 04/30/14
Are we ready to cut salt? 04/23/14
Parents' portions, kids' portions 04/16/14
Smart Phones and Childhood Obesity 04/09/14
One Way to Resist Cravings 04/02/14
Dieting? Spicy Foods May Help 03/26/14
Plating Matters 03/19/14
Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart 03/12/14
Take a moment and eat less, even when you're hungry 03/05/14
Why you eat more while watching TV 02/26/14
Another reason to avoid added sugar 02/19/14
Finding a direct link from sodium to heart disease 02/12/14
The "Blood Type Diet" 01/29/14
How to Keep the Weight Off 01/22/14
Should you take Vitamin D for your bones? 01/15/14
Prevent Diabetes without Losing Weight 01/08/14
Lose More Weight with a Big Breakfast 01/01/14


Yes, Healthier Foods Cost More. But. 12/18/13
Can you be healthy and overweight? 12/11/13
Huge News About Nuts 12/04/13
Weight Loss Reduces Symptoms of A-Fib 11/20/13
Taking Vitamins to Prevent Cancer or Heart Disease 11/13/13
Living Longer and Healthier 11/06/13
Improve Your Diet, Live Longer - Even After a Heart Attack 10/30/13
Taking Weight Loss Supplements Could Backfire 10/23/13
Diet and Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetics 10/16/13
Drinking Sugary Beverages Makes You Gain Weight 10/09/13
Cranberry Juice for UTIs 10/02/13
A Little More Effort, a Lot Less Eaten 09/25/13
Out of Arm's Reach 09/18/13
Eating Healthier After a Heart Attack 09/04/13
Frequent Snacking 08/28/13
Preschoolers eat more veggies with dip 08/21/13
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Affect More than Kids' Weight 08/14/13
Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? 08/07/13
Not Much Better (But at Least No Worse) Redux: Processed Food Edition 07/31/13
Does Walkability Equal Walking? 07/24/13
Vegetarians Less Likely to Die from All Causes 07/17/13
Sodium Claims on Food Labels 07/10/13
Coffee and Cholesterol 07/03/13
Coffee and Metabolic Syndrome 06/26/13
Red Meat and Diabetes 06/19/13
Morning Exercise and Breakfast 06/12/13
Sticking to a Gluten-Free Diet 06/05/13
Nuts and Weight, BMI, and Waist Circumference 05/29/13
Red Light / Green Light: Presenting Nutrition Information 05/22/13
Fast Food: Not Much Better (But at Least No Worse) 05/15/13
Grocery Shopping While Hungry 05/08/13
Proceed with Caution 05/01/13
Walnuts and Type 2 Diabetes 04/24/13
How to Suppress Hunger 04/17/13
Cooking in School has an Impact 04/10/13
Financial Motivations for Weight Loss 04/03/13
Mediterranean Diet and Esophageal Cancer 03/27/13
Everybody Else Does It.... 03/06/13
The True "Heart Attack Proof" Diet 02/27/13
Grocery Store Advertising Circulars 02/13/13
When You Eat Might Matter After All 02/06/13
Calories vs. Minutes 01/30/13
Cooking Methods and Nutrients 01/23/13
Whole Grains and Prediabetes 01/16/13
Maintenance First! 01/09/13
Overweight vs. Obese: Body Mass Index and Risk of Death 01/02/13


Breakfast: Correlation is Not Causality 12/19/12
Women, Soft Drinks, and Stroke 12/12/12
Variety is the Spice of Life 11/28/12
Eating Healthy is About More than Dessert 11/14/12
Tea and Digestive System Cancers 10/31/12
More Fruit, Less Junk 10/24/12
Whole Grains, Heart Disease, and Diabetes 10/17/12
Keep Your Kids Hydrated 10/10/12
Dairy and Weight 10/03/12
A Healthy Pre-Pregnancy Diet and Gestational Diabetes 09/26/12
Mediterranean Diet and the Young and Healthy 09/19/12
Organic is Better for You (But Not the Way You Think) 09/12/12
Our Favorite Health and Nutrition Bites 09/05/12
Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease: Current Research 08/29/12
Sodium Research Roundup 08/22/12
Reducing Sodium Reduces Blood Pressure 08/15/12
Potassium-Enriched Salt Reduces Risk of Death 08/08/12
Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium 08/01/12
A Novel Salt Substitute: Smell 07/25/12
Sodium and Your Heart 07/18/12
Olive Oil Alone 07/11/12
Healthier and Happier 07/04/12
Sodium and Stroke 06/27/12
Fresh Juice Better; Water Still Best 06/20/12
Choose the smaller pieces 06/13/12
Mediterranean Diet and Quality of Life 06/06/12
Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements: The Risk/Benefit Ratio 05/30/12
A Balanced Diet 05/23/12
Soda and Stroke 05/16/12
GERD and Lifestyle 05/09/12
Snacking on junk gets boring 05/02/12
The Evidence for Weight Loss Supplements 04/25/12
Fast Food and Depression 04/18/12
Improve your cholesterol with oats - and without 04/11/12
Serve more, eat more: more ways to get kids to eat more vegetables and fruits 04/04/12
Will you eat more out of a larger package? 03/28/12
Struggling with your weight? Do something about that burnout 03/21/12
Don't panic!; or, Yes, you can still eat red meat 03/14/12
Healthy Now, Healthy Later 03/07/12
Drink Water, Feel Better 02/29/12
Cut Calories with Calorie-free Beverages 02/22/12
It's what you eat, not with whom 02/15/12
HFCS not the same as table sugar 02/08/12
High Fiber Diets Don't Prevent Diverticulosis 02/01/12
How to get pre-schoolers to eat more vegetables 01/25/12
Reducing Weight Gain for Frequent Restaurant Eaters 01/18/12
Red Meat Research 01/11/12
Can Red Meat be Part of a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet? 01/04/12


Macronutrients vs. Overall Diet: Which is More Important? 12/28/11
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Cellular Aging 12/14/11
Mediterranean Diet not just for Mediterranean people 12/07/11
You CAN get used to less salt! 11/30/11
Fiber for Breakfast Keeps You Satisfied 11/23/11
Fast Food Kids' Meals 11/16/11
Legumes Really Satisfy 11/09/11
Kids need snack guidance 11/02/11
Does Hoodia Gordinii Really Work? 10/26/11
Peanuts also great snacks 10/19/11
Best way to get your vitamins? Eat them. 10/12/11
Best Snack? Nuts! 10/05/11
Coffee and High Blood Pressure 09/28/11
Prettier Tastes Better 09/21/11
How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables 09/14/11
Kids Enjoy the Low-Fat Version, Too 09/07/11
Make Your Diet More Effective with A Little Something Before Meals 08/31/11
Do family meals affect family weight? 08/24/11
Fruit Availability Increases Consumption Beyond the Individual 08/17/11
Losing Weight vs. Keeping it Off: What Works? 08/10/11
Should you be concerned about the sugar in your kids' cereal? 08/03/11
Visual Cues and Portion Control 07/27/11
Lose Weight with Portion Control 07/20/11
More Availability Does Not Necessarily Increase Consumption 07/13/11
Eat More of These Foods and Gain Less Weight 07/06/11
Should You Eat More Often? 06/29/11
When the Glycemic Index Doesn't Measure Up 06/22/11
Does Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Make You Fat? 06/15/11
Why Do You Crave Chocolate at That Time of the Month? 06/01/11
Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease 05/25/11
Whole Grains and Belly Fat 05/18/11
Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Central Fat Distribution 05/11/11
Mediterranean Diet Advantages Not Limited to Normal Weight 05/04/11
Glycemic Index and Type 2 Diabetes: The Jury's Still Out 04/27/11
Low-Carb Diets Linked with Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes 04/20/11
Fruits, Vegetables and Your Brain 04/13/11
Protein Really Satisfies 04/06/11
Plan to Clean Your Plate 03/30/11
Snack Food Commercials 03/23/11
Beyond the Gluten-Free Diet 03/16/11
'Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance': Does it Exist? 03/09/11
Is it Really Gluten-Free? 03/02/11
Just Thinking About Exercise 02/23/11
Celiac Disease and GERD 02/16/11
Those 100-Calorie Snack Packs 02/09/11
February is American Heart Month 02/02/11
More on Breakfast and Blood Sugars 01/26/11
Mediterranean Diet Good for More Than Your Physical Health 01/19/11
Online Food and Exercise Diaries Can Help You Lose More Weight 01/12/11
Low Glycemic Index vs. High Fiber Diet: Which is Better for Diabetics? 01/05/11


Best of 2010 12/29/10
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Multivitamins Linked to Breast Cancer 06/09/10
Another Reason to Avoid Sugary Drinks: Your Blood Pressure 06/02/10
Whole Grains, Bran Fiber and Diabetes 05/26/10
Red Meat is Fine! Redux 05/19/10
Nuts and Cholesterol 05/12/10
Testing for Celiac Disease 05/05/10
Managing Lactose Intolerance 04/28/10
No Added Sugar 04/21/10
Fiber to Prevent Weight Gain 04/14/10
Assessing the Salt Content of Processed Foods 04/07/10
Exercise to Maintain 03/31/10
More of this, less of that to help your heart 03/24/10
Celiac Disease and Infertility in Women 03/17/10
Is Any Amount of Gluten Safe for Those with Celiac Disease? 03/10/10
Quantifying the Effects of Less Salt 03/03/10
Turning Fat Into Muscle 02/24/10
Is It a Meal, or Is It a Snack? 02/17/10
How Much Exercise Are Your Kids Getting, Really? 02/10/10
Right-Size Your Recipes 02/03/10
The Effects of Being Healthy 01/27/10
Exercise for Your Brain 01/20/10
Quitting Smoking and Diabetes 01/13/10
A Serious Look at Fructose 01/06/10


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