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Type 2 diabetic? Stay off medication longer with a Mediterranean-style diet 08/07/19
Protect your mind with Mediterranean Diet 07/31/19
Vegetarian required? The evidence isn't in 07/24/19
It's easier than you think to improve metabolic scores 07/17/19
When should you exercise? 07/10/19
Live longer with cabbage 06/26/19
Omega-3 supplements don't prevent heart disease 06/19/19
Avocados make it more satisfying 06/12/19
Whole grains better for your heart - and waist - than fruits and vegetables 06/05/19
Fast foods not just bigger: saltier 05/29/19
Processed foods make you fat 05/22/19
Taxing sugary drinks cuts purchases 05/15/19
Update on red and processed meat and colon cancers 05/08/19
Restaurant foods labeled "Gluten-free": Are they really? 05/01/19
Dieting? Maybe you should skip breakfast 04/24/19
Why diets fail 04/10/19
The health halo of "organic" 04/03/19
Are you sabotaging yourself with your choice of beverage? 03/27/19
Coffee consumption linked with reduced inflammation 03/20/19
Mediterranean Diet improves blood pressure in older adults 03/13/19
Diet drinks linked to stroke, heart disease 02/27/19
Drinking milk and risk of hip fractures 02/20/19
When 2 + 2 is more than 4 02/13/19
More evidence that breakfast may not be as important as previously thought 02/06/19
Fried foods: just how bad are they? 01/30/19
More sweets linked to more abdominal fat 1/23/19
"Drink more water" for UTIs: testing the old wives' tale 01/16/19
Mediterranean Diet and all-cause mortality, 2018 edition 01/09/19
Linking Mediterranean Diet scores with test results: important research 01/02/19


Cooking classes improve cooking confidence and behaviors 12/12/18
The 5:2 diet - intermittent fasting - debunked 12/05/18
Drinking coffee may reduce all-cause mortality 11/28/18
When the low-carb hype doesn't add up 11/21/18
Vitamin D supplements don't prevent cancer or heart disease 11/14/18
Breakfast may not be as important as previously thought 11/07/18
Legumes may help prevent diabetes 10/31/18
More organic foods may mean less cancer, but the evidence isn't in 10/24/18
Corn oil better for cholesterol than coconut oil 10/17/18
The right fats help reduce age-related weight gain 10/10/18
Red meat in a Mediterranean-style Diet 10/03/18
Portion size and consumption, healthy foods edition 09/26/18
'Resistant starch' does not improve glycemic control 09/19/18
Live more robustly in later life with a Mediterranean Diet 09/12/18
Beverages vs. food: the source of sugar matters 09/05/18
A pre-pregnancy low-carb diet puts you at risk of gestational diabetes 08/29/18
Evidence for moderation: carbohydrates 08/22/18
A higher protein diet may increase risk of heart failure 08/15/18
Take a doggy bag: eat less 08/08/18
A breakfast to keep you satisfied 08/01/18
Eating fish: how low can you go? 07/25/18
Will your caffeine metabolism affect whether coffee is good for you? 07/18/18
Is high blood pressure in pregnancy linked to later health risks? 07/11/18
The BMI/Breast Cancer Paradox 6/27/18
Gestational Diabetes Linked to Sugar-Sweetened Sodas 06/20/18
Got IBD? A low-FODMAP diet may be for you 06/13/18
Fresh vs. frozen vegetables: which is more nutritious? 06/06/18
Can we reverse the effects of 'supersizing'? 05/30/18
Take-out vs. made-from-scratch: weighing and pricing the options 05/23/18
How NOT to do science: very low carbohydrate diets and Type 1 diabetes 05/16/18
Low energy density foods keep you satisfied (and may help you lose weight) 05/09/18
Fish also good for diabetics: confirming conventional wisdom 05/02/18
Putting calories and sodium information on restaurant menus may backfire 04/25/18
The next step in the fight against heart disease: teaching medical students how to cook 04/18/18
Omega-3 supplements may not guard against heart attack 04/11/18
Pasta still won't make you gain weight 04/04/18
Testing resveratrol and curcumin as anti-inflammatories 03/28/18
Should you consume additional protein to help maintain muscle mass? 03/21/18
It's the quality of the carbohydrates that counts 03/14/18
B vitamin supplements linked to lung cancer 03/07/18
Genetically-based weight loss plans 02/28/18
Eating more highly processed foods linked to greater risk of cancer 02/21/18
Can you be fit and fat? 02/14/18
'Burning hot' tea linked to esophageal cancer 02/07/18
The paradox of front-of-package labeling 01/31/18
Prevent stomach cancer by drinking green tea 01/24/18
Mediterranean Diet may prevent asthma in children 01/17/18
A clear link between sugary drinks and weight gain 01/10/18
1 more reason to avoid Gestational Diabetes 01/03/18


Chocolate may help prevent PMS 12/27/17
Paleolithic ("Paleo") diet causes iodine deficiency 12/20/17
The power of small changes 12/13/17
High-glycemic-index diets linked to risk of Alzheimer's Disease 12/06/17
Pro-inflammatory diets lead to weight gain 11/29/17
"Meal" vs. "snack": the name matters 11/22/17
Beans reduce insulin response 11/15/17
Coumadin® (warfarin) may help prevent cancer 11/08/17
Most satisfying: dark or milk chocolate? 11/01/17
Portion size more important than turning off the TV 10/25/17
The importance of breakfast (it's not what you think) 10/18/17
Diet quality matters 10/11/17
Coffee and your heart 10/04/17
Get your exercise 09/27/17
Mushrooms vs. Meat 09/20/17
Good news for GERD sufferers 09/14/17
Reseal the bag 09/06/17
Low-carb beats low-cal (except when it isn't) 08/30/17
The power of movie tie-ins 08/23/17
Diet sodas may still increase your risk of diabetes 08/16/17
Fight hunger - with chewing gum 08/09/17
Should you eat more frequently? Probably not 07/26/17
Drink coffee, live longer 07/19/17
Which fats are linked with diabetes risk? 07/12/17
Low fat diets may actually be bad for you 07/05/17
Lose more weight with a vegetarian diet? Don't believe the hype 06/28/17
Red meat not as bad for you as we thought 06/21/17
The power of description 06/14/17
Good news about sodium 06/07/17
Avoid A-Fib with Chocolate 05/31/17
Dairy doesn't affect mortality risk 05/24/17
Coffee is brain food 05/17/17
Cooking at home is cheaper and better for you 05/10/17
The real truth about periodic fasting vs. cutting calories 05/03/17
More reason to switch your snacks to nuts 04/26/17
Don't buy the kids' menu hype 04/19/17
'Normal' BMI may mask risk in non-whites 04/12/17
Cashews for cholesterol 04/06/17
Home cooked meals more important than just eating with family 03/29/17
Drink your tea 03/22/17
Do you know how much salt is in your fast food? 03/15/17
Eggs' effect on Alzheimer's 03/08/17
Eat healthy, have less pain 03/01/17
It's not about weight loss 02/22/17
Which is better for you - a low carbohydrate diet or a high-fat diet? 02/15/17
Eating red meat does not lead to heart disease 02/08/17
Cut your risk of heart disease with whole grains 02/01/17
Sources of salt in your children's diet 01/25/17
Using welfare benefits at farmer's markets 01/18/17
Age faster with processed meats 01/11/17
More evidence that healthier isn't more expensive 01/04/17


Food plus medication equals.... 12/28/16
Making the cut - at restaurants 12/21/16
'Old' wheat strains not safer for Celiacs 12/14/16
Consider the source - of funding 12/07/16
Inflammation and depression 11/30/16
Live longer with legumes 11/23/16
Soybeans, legumes, and type 2 diabetes 11/16/16
Whole grain pasta is more satisfying 11/09/16
License to eat 11/02/16
Should you avoid full-fat cheese? 10/26/16
Caffeine safe for those with A-fib 10/19/16
Will eating more vegetables reduce the risk of red meat? 10/12/16
When should you eat your main meal? 10/05/16
How to use an activity tracker to help with weight loss 09/28/16
Encouraging those on SNAP to make better food choices 09/21/16
Not all fats 09/14/16
Don't demonize potatoes 09/07/16
Low-carb diets do not burn fat 08/31/16
The gap between daily and healthy 08/24/16
What green tea extract may actually do 08/17/16
Don't believe the picture 08/10/16
Do overweight elders live longer? 08/03/16
How to fight insulin resistance 07/27/16
Eat less: better in body and mind 07/06/16
A history of moderation may improve your chances of surviving colorectal cancer 06/29/16
How to help protect your daughters from breast cancer 06/15/16
Cranberry juice for UTIs redux 06/08/16
Another reason to avoid sugared sodas: your brain 06/01/16
An apple a day may help keep the grim reaper away 05/25/16
The importance of youthful fitness 05/11/16
Lose weight without trying - with beans 05/04/16
Long term high protein diets: bad for you? 04/27/16
Should you eat breakfast? 04/20/16
The impact of larger serving sizes 04/13/16
Tomatoes for prostate cancer 04/06/16
How to prevent hip fractures 03/30/16
How accurate is your wearable activity tracker? 03/23/16
Eggs and your risk of diabetes 03/16/16
Resolving the obesity paradox 03/09/16
Comparing the cost of meatless and non-meatless diets 03/02/16
More on the plate means more in the tummy, grownup version 02/24/16
Does the DASH diet have to be low-fat? 02/10/16
Shelf scores help improve food choices 02/03/16
Portion size perception is relative 01/27/16
It doesn't matter what kind 01/13/16
Watch the salting 01/06/16


Ditch the diet soda 12/30/15
Attract more women with garlic 12/16/15
Good news on cholesterol 12/09/15
Watch your waist, redux 12/02/15
A healthy diet may help reduce the effects of PMS 11/25/15
What's your personal portion size? 11/18/15
Exercise and Dementia 11/04/15
Yet another reason to drink water 10/28/15
When you don't know it's low sodium 10/21/15
Eat spicy food: live longer? 10/14/15
It may be nearby, but.... 10/07/15
Lean pork vs. chicken and fish in a DASH diet 09/30/15
Parents: walk the walk 09/23/15
Big news on breast cancer prevention 09/16/15
Improve your arthritis with a Mediterranean Diet 09/09/15
More on good saturated fats 09/02/15
Omega-3 supplements do not protect from dementia 08/26/15
Healthy snacking habits and skills start early 08/19/15
Don't be misled by association 08/12/15
More for breakfast linked to eating less overall 08/05/15
Good news about adding nutrition labels 07/29/15
Snack better, eat less later 07/22/15
The importance of reading the Nutrition Information 07/15/15
Stay sharp with a Mediterranean Diet 07/08/15
Avoid distraction 07/01/15
Whatever works 06/24/15
HFCS increases risk of heart disease 06/17/15
Caffeinated Coffee Linked to Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer 06/10/15
Eggs don't increase risk of diabetes 06/03/15
What's the best nut for your blood pressure? 05/27/15
Three servings of fruit per day can reduce your risk of heart disease 05/20/15
Not all fats are created equal 05/13/15
Not all fats.... 05/06/15
Mediterranean Diet, Mood, and Heart Health 04/29/15
Nuts and your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease 04/15/15
Eggs OK for Diabetics, Too 04/08/15
Quality counts! 04/01/15
More evidence for < 2,300 03/25/15
Beyond blood pressure 03/18/15
A victory for moderation 03/11/15
Death from all causes: even more reason to eat nuts 03/04/15
Does eating chocolate prevent diabetes? 02/25/15
Why pizza and alcohol go together 02/18/15
Whole wheat reduces inflammation 02/11/15
Read the label, toddler version 02/04/15
Should you be concerned about arsenic in rice? 01/28/15
Mind over matter? 01/21/15
DASH diet: more than high blood pressure? 01/14/15
Manage your child's expectations 01/07/15


Smoking for weight control 12/31/14
Fruits' fiber for life 12/17/14
Live longer (on a cellular level) with a Mediterranean Diet 12/10/14
Preventing fracture: more evidence against vitamin supplements 12/03/14
Good news about salt substitutes 11/26/14
Daily juice intake linked to higher central blood pressure 11/19/14
Fast food linked to depression in kids 11/12/14
Drinking milk may be bad for your bones 11/05/14
Cut calories by planning ahead 10/29/14
DASH diet helps treat effects of PCOS 10/22/14
Eating fish keeps your brain robust 10/15/14
Visualize the sugar 10/08/14
Cure Type 2 Diabetes with a Mediterranean-Style Diet 10/01/14
Diet drinks may encourage long term weight gain 09/17/14
Drinking black tea may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer 09/10/14
More poorly designed diet research: low-fat vs. low-carb diets 09/03/14
Sodium might make you... fat? 08/27/14
Non-celiac gluten sensitivity: does it exist? 08/13/14
Don't let the brand fool you 08/06/14
Whole grains reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease 07/30/14
Belly fat and sodas 07/23/14
Exercise because it's fun 07/09/14
Added sugars may affect heart health risk factors in children 07/02/14
Connecting the dots 06/25/14
A high-GL diet may help maintain weight loss 06/18/14
Could what's good for you be good for the planet? 06/04/14
What The American Beverage Association wants you to think 05/28/14
"Reduced fat" doesn't mean "reduced flavor" 05/21/14
Fool yourself with plate design 05/14/14
Kids skipping breakfast: more than oversleeping 05/07/14
Kids who cook 04/30/14
Are we ready to cut salt? 04/23/14
Parents' portions, kids' portions 04/16/14
Smart Phones and Childhood Obesity 04/09/14
One Way to Resist Cravings 04/02/14
Dieting? Spicy Foods May Help 03/26/14
Plating Matters 03/19/14
Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart 03/12/14
Take a moment and eat less, even when you're hungry 03/05/14
Why you eat more while watching TV 02/26/14
Another reason to avoid added sugar 02/19/14
Finding a direct link from sodium to heart disease 02/12/14
The "Blood Type Diet" 01/29/14
How to Keep the Weight Off 01/22/14
Should you take Vitamin D for your bones? 01/15/14
Prevent Diabetes without Losing Weight 01/08/14
Lose More Weight with a Big Breakfast 01/01/14


Yes, Healthier Foods Cost More. But. 12/18/13
Can you be healthy and overweight? 12/11/13
Huge News About Nuts 12/04/13
Weight Loss Reduces Symptoms of A-Fib 11/20/13
Taking Vitamins to Prevent Cancer or Heart Disease 11/13/13
Living Longer and Healthier 11/06/13
Improve Your Diet, Live Longer - Even After a Heart Attack 10/30/13
Taking Weight Loss Supplements Could Backfire 10/23/13
Diet and Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetics 10/16/13
Drinking Sugary Beverages Makes You Gain Weight 10/09/13
Cranberry Juice for UTIs 10/02/13
A Little More Effort, a Lot Less Eaten 09/25/13
Out of Arm's Reach 09/18/13
Eating Healthier After a Heart Attack 09/04/13
Frequent Snacking 08/28/13
Preschoolers eat more veggies with dip 08/21/13
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Affect More than Kids' Weight 08/14/13
Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? 08/07/13
Not Much Better (But at Least No Worse) Redux: Processed Food Edition 07/31/13
Does Walkability Equal Walking? 07/24/13
Vegetarians Less Likely to Die from All Causes 07/17/13
Sodium Claims on Food Labels 07/10/13
Coffee and Cholesterol 07/03/13
Coffee and Metabolic Syndrome 06/26/13
Red Meat and Diabetes 06/19/13
Morning Exercise and Breakfast 06/12/13
Sticking to a Gluten-Free Diet 06/05/13
Nuts and Weight, BMI, and Waist Circumference 05/29/13
Red Light / Green Light: Presenting Nutrition Information 05/22/13
Fast Food: Not Much Better (But at Least No Worse) 05/15/13
Grocery Shopping While Hungry 05/08/13
Proceed with Caution 05/01/13
Walnuts and Type 2 Diabetes 04/24/13
How to Suppress Hunger 04/17/13
Cooking in School has an Impact 04/10/13
Financial Motivations for Weight Loss 04/03/13
Mediterranean Diet and Esophageal Cancer 03/27/13
Everybody Else Does It.... 03/06/13
The True "Heart Attack Proof" Diet 02/27/13
Grocery Store Advertising Circulars 02/13/13
When You Eat Might Matter After All 02/06/13
Calories vs. Minutes 01/30/13
Cooking Methods and Nutrients 01/23/13
Whole Grains and Prediabetes 01/16/13
Maintenance First! 01/09/13
Overweight vs. Obese: Body Mass Index and Risk of Death 01/02/13


Breakfast: Correlation is Not Causality 12/19/12
Women, Soft Drinks, and Stroke 12/12/12
Variety is the Spice of Life 11/28/12
Eating Healthy is About More than Dessert 11/14/12
Tea and Digestive System Cancers 10/31/12
More Fruit, Less Junk 10/24/12
Whole Grains, Heart Disease, and Diabetes 10/17/12
Keep Your Kids Hydrated 10/10/12
Dairy and Weight 10/03/12
A Healthy Pre-Pregnancy Diet and Gestational Diabetes 09/26/12
Mediterranean Diet and the Young and Healthy 09/19/12
Organic is Better for You (But Not the Way You Think) 09/12/12
Our Favorite Health and Nutrition Bites 09/05/12
Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease: Current Research 08/29/12
Sodium Research Roundup 08/22/12
Reducing Sodium Reduces Blood Pressure 08/15/12
Potassium-Enriched Salt Reduces Risk of Death 08/08/12
Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium 08/01/12
A Novel Salt Substitute: Smell 07/25/12
Sodium and Your Heart 07/18/12
Olive Oil Alone 07/11/12
Healthier and Happier 07/04/12
Sodium and Stroke 06/27/12
Fresh Juice Better; Water Still Best 06/20/12
Choose the smaller pieces 06/13/12
Mediterranean Diet and Quality of Life 06/06/12
Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements: The Risk/Benefit Ratio 05/30/12
A Balanced Diet 05/23/12
Soda and Stroke 05/16/12
GERD and Lifestyle 05/09/12
Snacking on junk gets boring 05/02/12
The Evidence for Weight Loss Supplements 04/25/12
Fast Food and Depression 04/18/12
Improve your cholesterol with oats - and without 04/11/12
Serve more, eat more: more ways to get kids to eat more vegetables and fruits 04/04/12
Will you eat more out of a larger package? 03/28/12
Struggling with your weight? Do something about that burnout 03/21/12
Don't panic!; or, Yes, you can still eat red meat 03/14/12
Healthy Now, Healthy Later 03/07/12
Drink Water, Feel Better 02/29/12
Cut Calories with Calorie-free Beverages 02/22/12
It's what you eat, not with whom 02/15/12
HFCS not the same as table sugar 02/08/12
High Fiber Diets Don't Prevent Diverticulosis 02/01/12
How to get pre-schoolers to eat more vegetables 01/25/12
Reducing Weight Gain for Frequent Restaurant Eaters 01/18/12
Red Meat Research 01/11/12
Can Red Meat be Part of a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet? 01/04/12


Macronutrients vs. Overall Diet: Which is More Important? 12/28/11
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Cellular Aging 12/14/11
Mediterranean Diet not just for Mediterranean people 12/07/11
You CAN get used to less salt! 11/30/11
Fiber for Breakfast Keeps You Satisfied 11/23/11
Fast Food Kids' Meals 11/16/11
Legumes Really Satisfy 11/09/11
Kids need snack guidance 11/02/11
Does Hoodia Gordinii Really Work? 10/26/11
Peanuts also great snacks 10/19/11
Best way to get your vitamins? Eat them. 10/12/11
Best Snack? Nuts! 10/05/11
Coffee and High Blood Pressure 09/28/11
Prettier Tastes Better 09/21/11
How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables 09/14/11
Kids Enjoy the Low-Fat Version, Too 09/07/11
Make Your Diet More Effective with A Little Something Before Meals 08/31/11
Do family meals affect family weight? 08/24/11
Fruit Availability Increases Consumption Beyond the Individual 08/17/11
Losing Weight vs. Keeping it Off: What Works? 08/10/11
Should you be concerned about the sugar in your kids' cereal? 08/03/11
Visual Cues and Portion Control 07/27/11
Lose Weight with Portion Control 07/20/11
More Availability Does Not Necessarily Increase Consumption 07/13/11
Eat More of These Foods and Gain Less Weight 07/06/11
Should You Eat More Often? 06/29/11
When the Glycemic Index Doesn't Measure Up 06/22/11
Does Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Make You Fat? 06/15/11
Why Do You Crave Chocolate at That Time of the Month? 06/01/11
Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease 05/25/11
Whole Grains and Belly Fat 05/18/11
Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Central Fat Distribution 05/11/11
Mediterranean Diet Advantages Not Limited to Normal Weight 05/04/11
Glycemic Index and Type 2 Diabetes: The Jury's Still Out 04/27/11
Low-Carb Diets Linked with Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes 04/20/11
Fruits, Vegetables and Your Brain 04/13/11
Protein Really Satisfies 04/06/11
Plan to Clean Your Plate 03/30/11
Snack Food Commercials 03/23/11
Beyond the Gluten-Free Diet 03/16/11
'Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance': Does it Exist? 03/09/11
Is it Really Gluten-Free? 03/02/11
Just Thinking About Exercise 02/23/11
Celiac Disease and GERD 02/16/11
Those 100-Calorie Snack Packs 02/09/11
February is American Heart Month 02/02/11
More on Breakfast and Blood Sugars 01/26/11
Mediterranean Diet Good for More Than Your Physical Health 01/19/11
Online Food and Exercise Diaries Can Help You Lose More Weight 01/12/11
Low Glycemic Index vs. High Fiber Diet: Which is Better for Diabetics? 01/05/11


Best of 2010 12/29/10
Fish vs. Mercury 12/22/10
Slim Your Waist with Whole Grains and Legumes 12/15/10
Coffee, Tea and Brain Tumors 12/08/10
Rice, Chilis, GERD and IBS 12/01/10
Start Your Kids Out Right 11/24/10
Is it Really a Food Allergy? 11/17/10
More on Sugary Beverages and Your Health 11/10/10
Sugary Beverages and Your Health 11/03/10
Mediterranean Diet and Stomach Cancers 10/27/10
Doctors, Exercise and Nutrition 10/20/10
Feel Fuller While Dieting 10/13/10
Whole Grains and Heart Disease Risk 10/06/10
Grocery Store Shelf Tags for Better Food Choices 09/29/10
Caffeine and Atrial Fibrillation 09/22/10
Mediterranean Diet and Breast Cancer Risk 09/15/90
Short Term Splurge - Long Term Fat 09/08/10
Exercise Trumps Heredity 09/01/10
Will Eating Eggs Help You Lose Weight? 08/25/10
One Simple Rule for Weight Loss 08/18/10
Alcohol-Free Beer: an Antioxidant? 08/11/10
Caffeine and the Risk of Breast Cancer 08/04/10
Weigh Yourself More to Weigh Less 07/28/10
Right-Size Your Recipes 07/21/10
If It's In the House.... 07/14/10
If It's Not Available, They Can't Eat It 07/07/10
Here's a Good Tool for Weight Loss: Your Camera 06/23/10
More Brown, Less White 06/16/10
Multivitamins Linked to Breast Cancer 06/09/10
Another Reason to Avoid Sugary Drinks: Your Blood Pressure 06/02/10
Whole Grains, Bran Fiber and Diabetes 05/26/10
Red Meat is Fine! Redux 05/19/10
Nuts and Cholesterol 05/12/10
Testing for Celiac Disease 05/05/10
Managing Lactose Intolerance 04/28/10
No Added Sugar 04/21/10
Fiber to Prevent Weight Gain 04/14/10
Assessing the Salt Content of Processed Foods 04/07/10
Exercise to Maintain 03/31/10
More of this, less of that to help your heart 03/24/10
Celiac Disease and Infertility in Women 03/17/10
Is Any Amount of Gluten Safe for Those with Celiac Disease? 03/10/10
Quantifying the Effects of Less Salt 03/03/10
Turning Fat Into Muscle 02/24/10
Is It a Meal, or Is It a Snack? 02/17/10
How Much Exercise Are Your Kids Getting, Really? 02/10/10
Right-Size Your Recipes 02/03/10
The Effects of Being Healthy 01/27/10
Exercise for Your Brain 01/20/10
Quitting Smoking and Diabetes 01/13/10
A Serious Look at Fructose 01/06/10


Sometimes It's Just That Simple 12/23/09
Try Turning Off the Television 12/16/09
Good Food News for Breast Cancer Survivors 12/09/09
A Look at Vinegar and Diabetes 12/02/09
A Little More Fiber Can Help You Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes 11/25/09
'Tis the Season for Cocoa.... 11/18/09
Fish During Pregnancy: What's Safe? 11/11/09
Alcohol Use and Type 2 Diabetes 11/04/09
Dairy Products for Weight Loss 10/28/09
Getting the Combination Right to Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure 07/29/09
Disturbing News for Overweight Mothers-to-Be 06/10/09
Got IBS? You Might Have Celiac Disease 06/03/09
Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease 05/27/09
If It's In the House.... 05/20/09
Red Wine Good for Old and Young 05/13/09
Exercise Trumps Heredity 05/06/09
What's the Best Supplement for Your Bones? 04/29/09
Less Red, More White 04/22/09
Leaner Body, Stronger Bones 04/15/09
It's Calories In vs. Calories Out 04/08/09
If It's Not Available, They Can't Eat It 04/01/09
Drink Your Juice and Protect Your Bones 03/25/09
Eat Healthy: Read Nutrition Information 03/18/09
Alcohol-Free Beer: an Antioxidant? 03/11/09
Less of This, More of That: Diet and Heart Failure 03/04/09
Weight Loss Affects Your Partner, Too 02/25/09
Good News for Those Who Love Chocolate, Wine or Tea 02/18/09
Breast Cancer and Calcium Supplements 02/11/09
All Other Things Being Equal, Have Some Fruit 02/04/09
Obesity and Subclinical Heart Disease 01/28/09
Antioxidant Supplements May Be Bad For You 01/21/09
Low-Carb Diets Affect Your Brain 01/14/09
Weigh Yourself More to Weigh Less 01/07/09


Watch What You're Eating - Literally 12/31/08
Watch Your Waist - Not Just Your Weight 12/17/08
You Might Not Have to Fast After All 12/10/08
Caffeine and the Risk of Breast Cancer 12/03/08
High Blood Pressure: Less Serious for Those Who are Overweight? 11/26/08
If You Needed Any More Evidence: More on the Mediterranean Diet 11/19/08
How to Prevent Stroke (and lots of other stuff) 11/12/08
Hormone Use and GERD / Acid Reflux 11/05/08
Dieting? Eggs May Help You Lose 10/29/08
One Simple Rule for Weight Loss 10/22/08
Get Your Magnesium: Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes 10/15/08
Good News for Those with Diverticulosis 10/08/08
Exercise Really Is Key to Weight Loss and Maintenance 10/01/08
Body Mass Index and the Link to Heart Disease or Stroke 09/24/08
Portion Control: It Works 09/17/08
If It Satisfies, It Satisfies 09/10/08
Soy and Your Risk of Breast Cancer 08/27/08
More Fruits and Vegetables Mean Lower Risk of Death 08/13/08
A DASH-style Diet Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease 08/06/08
Why Can't You Lose Weight? 07/30/08
Phew! Good News About Grapefruit and Breast Cancer 07/23/08
Sugary Soft Drinks Linked to Adolescent Overweight 05/21/08
Some Olive Oils are Better For You Than Others 05/14/08
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