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Interviewing Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP
(Dr. Gourmet) for Publication

Dr. Harlan is happy to accommodate as many telephone and email interviews as he can within the time constraints of his busy clinical practice and administrative duties. Please send your requests to and Dr. Harlan will reply as soon as he can (typically within 24 hours). If you have a deadline, please state your deadline in your inquiry and Dr. Harlan will do his best to assist you. Read Dr. Harlan's biographical information here.

Questions About Food or Health

For the Dr. Gourmet website, Dr. Harlan has answered hundreds of questions from readers about food, health, and a healthy diet, including many questions on Coumadin (warfarin) use. These questions are archived online at Ask Dr. Gourmet. We encourage you to explore that section of the site or search - the answer to your question may already be available.

Please note that this feature is limited to questions about food and health - medical questions are best asked of your own doctor. Read our Terms of Use. To ask your own question, write an email to

Questions about Vitamin K Content in Foods

There's an easy way to find out about the nutrition content of any food. Just use the USDA National Nutrient Database. By entering an ingredient and following the steps, this web site will report the complete nutritional values of nearly any ingredient and many prepared foods. The Vitamin K content is the last listing at the bottom of the Vitamins section. If it is not there, the food or ingredient that you searched on doesn't contain enough Vitamin K to be reported.

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