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Recipe in Pictures

Risotto con Pollo

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Arroz Con Pollo is a Mexican dish often made casserole style using European rice. This recipe was a special request for the flavor of Arroz Con Pollo with the creaminess of risotto. It works really well. Enjoy!

Here's the recipe for Risotto con Pollo (Low Sodium Version) without the pictures. You can print the recipe by clicking the print icon at the top of the right-hand column. Be sure to turn off any popup blockers, as it opens in a new window.

Step One: Assemble your ingredients.

Ingredients for Green Goddess Dressing

Top row, left to right: arborio rice, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, red onion. Second row: paprika, garlic, pepitas (dried pumpkin seeds), fresh cilantro leaves, semi-soft goat cheese. Third row: salt, saffron, tomatoes, frozen peas. Bottom row: olive oil, cumin. Not shown: chicken breast.

Step Two: Prep the ingredients.

Mince the Garlic

Crush the garlic under the flat of a knife one clove at a time.

Crush the garlic under the flat of a knife

Crush the garlic under the flat of a knife (2)

After trimming the stem end it will be easy to slip the skin off.

Crushed garlic

The crushed garlic is easier to mince. Slice crosswise and then turn the garlic 90° to finish mincing.

Trim the stem end

slice the garlic

slice the garlic (2)

slice the garlic (3)


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