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Give Thanks

It's Thanksgiving soon here in the United States. I do love Thanksgiving Day when the autumn leaves have fallen and it's chilly but not yet cold. The first real hearty meal of the coming winter full of great flavors. And the aroma... I love the smell of roasting turkey, rosemary, and nutmeg.

I had a patient remark the other day that they were going to "behave" on Turkey Day. We talked for a long time about how days like Thanksgiving and Christmas and your birthday are the ones when you're supposed to not "behave." There's a time and a place to splurge, and these are those times.

Eating healthy is not about keeping yourself from enjoying life. It is about embracing food, eating thoughtfully and choosing things that taste good and are good for you. To single out "behaving" on a few days a year is not the best way to eat healthy. Holidays are times to enjoy yourself and be with family and friends.

I do get requests all the time for holiday menus and this year we here at Dr. Gourmet world headquarters have done just that. Most of the time we are so far behind trying to get columns written, Ask Dr. Gourmet questions answered, recipes tested, research done and all of it posted to the website. Every year it seems that someone eventually thinks of the Thanksgiving menu a couple of days before Thanksgiving. This year it's different. Here's the menu of great food that's great for you, so even if you do "splurge" maybe you'll feel good about it.

Dr. Gourmet's Thanksgiving Menu

Roast Turkey Breast with Holiday Gravy

Cornbread Dressing

Mashed Yams (or Plain Mashed Potatoes)

Lemon Butter Brussels Sprouts or Grilled Asparagus
or Grilled Broccoli or Roasted Beets

Pumpkin Creme Brulee (or Pumpkin Pie)

Get the recipes and the shopping list!
(Serves 6 with leftovers)

There's a lot for us here at Dr. Gourmet to be thankful for this year, and we would all like to let you know that the visitors to the website are right at the top of the list.

Thanks for all of your kind words and support this year. Have a great holiday!

Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life!

Dr. Gourmet
November 13, 2006

Last updated: 11/13/06