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On Being a Patient:
Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, IV

This is the fourth in a series about being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Read Part I | Part II | Part III

I have had a lot of interesting feedback from my patients about this blog and my experiences with change in diet. I was unsure whether to continue and one patient encouraged me saying that she felt the dialogue was about a lot of things other than just being gluten free - a new condition, change in diet, change in lifestyle.

So, with that encouragement, here is the next installment.

April 26, 2009

Created two great salads this weekend. It's spring and in the past I would certainly have used pastas. One was a Sweet Potato Salad that I made to go with the pork tenderloin. The other, a corn and black eyed pea salad was spicy with cumin and also worked with the leftover pork really well.

May 1, 2009

I have been thinking about crusts for the last few weeks. What about things like oven fried chicken? In the past I have used melba toast as it's dry and crunchy and holds up really well. I started experimenting with corn tortillas, grinding them and using them for crusts. Tonight I perfected that with a Tortilla-Crusted Chicken. It's really fine but getting the same crispiness will be a challenge I think.

May 2, 2009

I've been working kind of furiously over the last few weeks at recipes to cue them up since we'll be going to California for a week. Some failures including a lot with gluten free breads but the success of the taco shells.

Finished a great Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

It has been a cool week in that we began shipping our own published version of the Coumadin book. We are really in the publishing business now.

May 7, 2009

A very busy week with a string of great recipes getting ready for a bit of time off. A simple barbecue pork for the Pantry Meals section and some steak fajitas. It's always good to make comfort food recipes and it's amazing how many of them fit really easily into being gluten free.

Asian is easy since there's not much in the way of change except for sauces. Clearly, keeping away from soy and using gluten free tamari is easy but every other sauce has to be checked. Made a great tuna with mango salsa.

May 9, 2009

Amazing! We went out to dinner. Horinoya on Poydras. A fabulous sushi restaurant. Really the best in New Orleans. Took a great deal of care and just didn't have any soy sauce at all.

I think that this was a HUGE relief for Morgan. She had gone out on her own with others. Man it was nice to be waited on. Sushi seemed the safe bet. Wowser. It has been three months.

No ill effects but I never really had any symptoms, so who would know? Reading the literature and the symptomatology seems to be all over the map. So, it went really well and certainly makes me appreciate going out to dinner.

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