Special Diet Information

Coumadin® (Warfarin)
This recipe is safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users.

This recipe is safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

This is a low sodium recipe.

GERD / Acid Reflux
This recipe contains GERD triggers and those with GERD may wish to avoid it.

Gluten Sensitivity
This recipe is safe for those who are sensitive to gluten. Use gluten-free beer in this dish.


"I don't like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny but which happens to be true. I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?"
-Paul Newman

The refrigerator light goes on...

I had a version of this steak in Spain the last time I was there. The roasted pimento is sweet and the steak savory The version that I had was a little spicier than this recipe, so if you want to add a bit of zing, start with a pinch of cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes.

This is great served with something cool like the Cantaloupe and White Bean Salad or Cucumbers and Dill in Sour Cream, especially if you make your steak spicier.


Skirt Steak with Pimentos

Servings: 2 | Serving size: 4 ounces beef with pepper and sauce

Cooking Time: 60 Minutes

This recipe can be multiplied by 2, 3.

This recipe makes great leftovers!

Serve with Plain Mashed Potatoes or Cucumbers & Dill in Sour Cream or Plain Mashed Potatoes - Low Sodium Version or Cantaloupe and White Bean Salad

2 medium red bell peppers
1/2 tsp fennel seed
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp salt
fresh ground black pepper (to taste)
1 tsp olive oil
2 4 ounce skirt steak filets (or hanger steak or flap steak)
1/4 cup beer or gluten-free beer
1 tsp unsalted butter

Preheat the oven to 325°F.

Place the peppers on a piece of foil in the oven. Roast for about 40 minutes. Turn every 10 minutes and they are done when the skin is browned but not blackened. The skin should have a puckered look to it.

Remove the peppers from the oven and place in a paper bag. After about 15 minutes tear open the bag and the outer skin will slip off.

Seed and core the peppers and set them aside, each on its own plate. (These are the plates you will serve on.)

While the peppers are cooking, place the fennel and oregano in a mortar and pestle or a blender.

Crush until powdered.

Mix together with the cumin, paprika, salt and pepper.

Rub the spice mixture onto the beef until well coated.

Place a large skillet in the oven and preheat to 400°F.

When the pan is hot, add the oil. Add the steak to the pan.

Roast on each side for 5 to 7 minutes.

Remove the pan from the oven and place each steak on top of the bell peppers on the plates. Then place the pan on the range or cooktop over high heat.

Add the beer to the pan and cook, whisking the bottom of the pan, until the sauce is reduced by about 1/2.

Add the butter and whisk until melted.

Serve the sauce on top of the steak.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 4 ounces steak with pepper and sauce

Servings: 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 327 Calories from Fat 143
  % Daily Value
Total Fat 15g 24%
    Saturated Fat 5g 22%
    Monounsaturated Fat 8g
    Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 70mg 25%
Sodium 384mg 16%
Total Carbohydrates 9g 2%
    Dietary Fiber 4g 12%
    Sugars 5g
Protein 30g
Vitamin A 94% Vitamin C 255%
Calcium 4% Iron 26%
Vitamin K 11 mcg Potassium 657 mg
Magnesium 51 mg