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Breastfeeding websites

La Leche League
La Leche League is a breastfeeding support group. Check their website, there may be a local group close to you.

Dr. Jack Newman
Dr. Jack Newman's site has great question and answers about breastfeeding, breastfeeding techniques, and overcoming breastfeeding challenges.

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A Healthy Pregnancy

Breastfeeding FAQ

What if I don't make enough milk?

Many women express this concern, but it is extremely rare that a woman can not make enough milk for her child. Almost all of the women in my practice that were having problems with milk supply either had problems latching the baby (positioning at the breast) correctly or had been coached to "put your baby on a schedule".

If it is possible that latch is a problem, call a lactation support counselor from your hospital or a La Leche League leader. If you are reading this at 2 AM and need some help NOW, visit Dr. Jack Newman's site at

Newborn babies do not nurse on a four hour schedule (or any other schedule). Put your baby to the breast any time he shows interest in nursing. [See How do babies say, "I'm hungry?"]

One of the best ways to help "speed" the "learning to nurse" progress is lots of uninterrupted skin to skin time with your baby. Baby clothes are adorable but for the first few days minimize the clothes. Put baby on your chest and snuggle him under a cute baby blanket!

How long will breastfeeding hurt?

Breastfeeding should NOT hurt. You may experience very mild discomfort the first few times or two you put your baby to the breast. If you feel pain, promptly seek help from an experienced lactation professional.

Can I breastfeed if I plan to return to work?

Certainly! You have several options.

1, A growing number of companies have on-site day care. If you have this option, nurse your baby during lunch times and breaks.

2. You can express your milk and save it for a caregiver to give to baby.

3. You can have a caregiver give formula during the day and you can breastfeed at night.

4. You can breastfeed while you are on maternity leave and then formula feed after returning to work. While there are many benefits of breastfeeding longer than a few weeks, any amount of breastfeeding that you choose to do will provide some benefit to your child.

What about those 2 AM feedings?

While the myth exists that you will get more sleep if you bottle feed, research shows that breastfeeding couples got more actual hours of sleep than bottle feeding couples.

Can I breastfeed an adopted child?

In many cases, you can at least partially breastfeed an adopted child. Contact a breastfeeding professional for more information.