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A Healthy Pregnancy

Faith Bontrager, RN, BSN

Faith Bontrager, RN,BSNFaith is a nurse who has supported birthing families for years. She has an Associate degree in Nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and a Bachelors degree in Nursing from Purdue.

Faith started life with an early appreciation for good food (Thanks for the breast milk, Mom!). Whether learning to make compost for the vegetable garden from her father, Pennsylvania Dutch pies from her mother, or being given the freedom to experiment in the family kitchen, healthy food was an important part of growing up.

Using medical knowledge to care for others was also important. Whether applying band aids and salve to scrapes or bringing tea and toast to those “under the weather,” Faith felt a calling early in life to help those in need of healthcare.

Faith's passion in nursing is to help people find the options they need to discover their personal path to optimum health. Ask her friends and they will tell you that their appreciation of nutritious food has grown through Faith. Nutrition is an important part of health. The body can only build with the tools that nutrition provides. Quality food meets the nutrient needs of the body. Preparing and enjoying satisfying foods feeds the whole person.

Faith has taught various health topics including childbirth classes and first aid and is active in natural farming circles. She is currently part of an interdisciplinary research team exploring the role of social support for women who have miscarried.

Faith has spent much of her life in the Midwest but recently re-located to the Mississippi gulf coast. She enjoys cooking for family and friends, teaching on nutrition and health, and volunteering at a free health clinic. She is using her free time to expand her repertoire of fresh seafood dishes!