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This is an index of the health notes included in recipes. These short tidbits of information can help answer questions on everything from Omega-3 Fats in fish to whether to cook chicken with the skin on or not. Want to know about garlic and cholesterol? Is it okay to eat eggs or not? It's all here.


The Health of It All

Eating Fish and Heart Disease in Women

There have been numerous studies that show a reduction of risk in fatal heart attacks when men eat fish. In a study in the Journal of American Medical Association, researchers reported similar protection for women, showing that eating fish about once a week reduces the risk for fatal heart attack by at least 1/3. Eating fish more often reduces the risk even further, with having fish 2 - 4 times per week cutting the risk by over 40%.

These results were independent of the study's participants use of other foods that might also prevent heart disease, such as fiber, differences in intake of red meat, fruits and vegetables or lower saturated fat diets. Read More "The Health of It All..." Articles