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The Health of It All

Does Chicken Stock Make You Well?

There is certainly a long tradition of chicken soup being good for what ails you. Even so, there hasn't been much research for or against, but recently there may be some evidence to support this.

Right down at the molecular level chicken soup appears to help. In a study of the effect of chicken soup on white blood cells, Barbara Rennard and her colleagues showed a slowing of movement of white blood cells in test tubes. Because the white blood cells contribute to inflammation, the feeling is that the soup may help to reduce the symptoms associated with colds and flu. The more soup applied to the white blood cells, the greater the response.

In a study in Asia using Brand's Essence of Chicken and a prepared chicken meat extract, researchers were able to show that these extracts reduced hypertension and heart enlargement in experimental rats. Tests with a prepared pork extract did not show any improvement.

For me, I don't care much if there's evidence of this - I feel better when I have chicken soup. Read More "The Health of It All..." Articles