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How many calories should be in a good breakfast?

How many calories should I be eating for breakfast? Most days I just run out of the house with a piece of fruit in my hand eating on the way to work. I only live about a mile from work so I walk every day.

Dr. Gourmet Says...

scrambled eggs on wheat toast

I generally have patients target their breakfast between 250 and 500 calories depending on their weight, height, and goals. There's a lot that goes into making that decision, but at minimum we know that having a serving of a carbohydrate along with some protein will help you stay more satisfied through the morning.

A serving for breakfast might be an egg cooked however you like, with a slice of whole wheat toast. Round this out with a piece of fruit (maybe even later in the morning as a snack) for a great start to your day.

Another example might be cereal with milk or yogurt and fruit, or even peanut butter or melted cheese on a piece of whole wheat bread (toasted or not). Here's my article, "What is a healthy breakfast?" for more information on breakfast and its effects on weight and health.

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Timothy S. Harlan MD, FACP, CCMS
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