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Ingredient Information

White Beans

There is no bean that actually carries the name "white bean". When a recipe calls for white beans, it can mean any one of a number of choices of bean.

The most common white bean used are Navy beans. As with almost every bean, Navy beans have other names including Yankee beans, Boston beans, Boston Navy beans, Pea beans and white pearl beans. The French call these haricot blanc beans.

Another white bean choice is the Great Northern bean. These are slightly larger than Navy beans but are similar in taste and texture.

In some specialty shops you will find the French Flageolet beans (they are actually grown in California). These are a light, creamy bean with a fine texture when cooked that is not at all grainy.

There is also the white kidney bean. This is the one that the Italians call cannellini or fazolia. They are somewhat firmer than other white beans and make a great addition to soups.