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Ingredient Information


There are two common raisin choices in the market – the traditional dark raisin and golden raisins. The majority of raisins are made from the white seedless Thompson grape. Currants are made in the same way from the Zante grape (see Currants).

The grapes are sun dried and the dark color is the result of caramelization of the sugars as the fruit is dehydrated. Most raisins are still dried in the sun with the bunches of grapes clipped and laid on trays in the sunlight right beside the vines. The drying process takes about two to three weeks.

Golden raisins come from the same grapes but the fruit has been chemically treated and usually they are dried in dehydrators and not by direct sunlight.

1 ounce raisin = 85 calories, <1g fat, 0g sat fat, 0g mono fat, <1g protein, 22g carbohydrates, 3mg sodium, 0mg cholesterol