There are two ways to go here, a pot with a steamer insert and/or a collapsible steamer basket. The small collapsible stainless steel steamer baskets are so inexpensive every kitchen should have one. They work well in the bottom of a large stock pot and in a smaller sauce pan.

I have both in my kitchen because a good quality combination stock pot and steamer basket are so inexpensive now that they are really basic kitchen equipment. It gives you the option to steam larger batches (for instance, steaming broccoli for six) but also provides a large stock pot for boiling pasta.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

This is a combination 8 quart stock pot with a deep pasta strainer as well as a steamer basket. This type of set is available everywhere and you can purchase ones that are up to 12 quarts. I like the 8 - 12 quart size and paid about the $50.00 that this one is priced at.

Keep an eye open for one on sale at places like Macy's, Linens and Things, Target, Kmart and Bed, Bath or Beyond.

Collapsible steamer baskets are also widely available at your grocery store and places like Linens and Things, Target, Kmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.