Mini Chopper

Mini choppers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are essentially small food processors, but for small chopping or slicing jobs I prefer to use my chef's knife. Mini choppers are perfect for small blending jobs and can keep you from having to haul out the Cuisinart or blender.

The mini chopper that I have was included with my stick blender and most manufacturers include a small chopper as part of a kit. This may cost an extra $10.00 or so but it is definitely worth having.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

Someone gave me one of these Black and Decker mini choppers as a holiday gift one year. I used it until it burned up. I can't say that I would purchase another one unless you plan to chop a lot of onions.

I think that the better alternative would be to buy the Braun stick blender and use the mini chopper attachment that comes with it. This is so much more practical and I can't find much difference between the two.

I have had a chance to use the Cuisinart mini-prep processor and, again, I couldn't justify spending the money. For small jobs the Braun will more than do the job and for big ones I haul out my full size Cuisinart food processor.