Original eatTHISdiet for Coumadin Users
Meal Plan Servings

You've determined that your total caloric intake should be 1000 calories per day.

This is a very low intake and there's good research to say that going much below 1,000 calories per day can be counter-productive. The body's metabolism has been to slow down at lower calorie levels and this can actually make it harder to lose weight.

While the calculations that choose the amount of calories in The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan Plan don't allow for 1,000 calorie diets it might be that you and your doctor have decided that this is a good choice.

On the 1000-calorie per day plan, you will eat

  • one serving of a Dr. Gourmet breakfast recipe (about 250 calories)
  • one serving of a Dr. Gourmet lunch recipe (leftovers are 1/2 of a dinner serving) (about 250 calories)
  • one serving of a Dr. Gourmet dinner recipe (about 500 calories)

The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan

Over the years lots of medical research has shown that losing weight and eating healthy are not about restricting carbohydrates or fat or protein (or any other silly fad diet). It’s about calories. And eating well and eating healthy is not about just any calories. It’s about the quality of the calories you eat. That's why we've changed our name to The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan Plan.

Eating quality calories - delicious, healthy calories - makes a successful, healthy diet plan.

With our name change comes new features!

There’s still the 2 week menu planner, shopping lists and delicious healthy recipes. We are still the only plan that offers you the ability to create menus for your whole family. We have not changed the choices for those challenged by health issues such as Coumadin use, lactose intolerance or acid reflux.

The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan Plan now offers:

  • Complete daily exercise tracking - How many calories have you burned today?
  • Personal calorie record for menu changes or snacks
  • Overall tracking: calories in vs. calories out
  • Goal monitoring for you and all members of your family

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