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Note: This is a revised and updated version of Dr. Harlan's The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users. These are the same recipes with updated Nutrition Information, with the addition of information on a Mediterranean-style diet.

How Much Vitamin K is in...?

Find out the exact amount of Vitamin K (in micrograms) of almost a thousand common foods! Listed both alphabetically and then in order of the amount of Vitamin K in the food, this list will help you know exactly how much Vitamin K you're eating. Just $4.95 for the eBook (PDF) or $12.95 for the paperback. Get your copy now!

View Vitamin K Levels in:

Vitamin K Levels in Common Foods: Your Quick Guide to Beverages

What can I drink on Coumadin (warfarin)?

glasses of iced tea garnished with lemon slices

Here are the amounts of Vitamin K in the indicated servings of each beverage. Remember that consistency is key in your daily amount of Vitamin K. The current Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin K is 70-80 micrograms per day. Here's why the RDA should be your target.

Item Amount Vitamin K (mcg)
Instant coffee, regular or decaffeinated 6 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
Coffee brewed using drip method, regular or decaffeinated 6 oz. 0.2 mcg Vitamin K
Black tea, regular or decaf 6 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
Green tea, regular or decaf 6 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
 Soft Drinks
Regular or decaffeinated cola 1 can (12 oz.) 0 mcg Vitamin K
Non-calorie cola, regular or decaffeinated 1 can (12 oz.) 0 mcg Vitamin K
Ginger ale 1 can (12 oz.) 0 mcg Vitamin K
Apple juice, from concentrate 6 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
Cranberry juice, unsweetened 6 oz. 9.7mcg Vitamin K
Grape juice, unsweetened 6 oz. 0.8 mcg Vitamin K
Grapefruit juice, white or red Caution! 6 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
Orange juice, fresh or from frozen concentrate 6 oz. 0.2 mcg Vitamin K
Pineapple juice, from frozen concentrate 6 oz. 0.6 mcg Vitamin K
Prune juice, canned 4 oz. 4.4 mcg Vitamin K
Tomato juice, canned 4 oz. 2.8 mcg Vitamin K
Lemonade (from frozen concentrate, pink or yellow) 8 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
 Alcoholic Beverages
Beer (regular and light) 1 can (12 oz.) 0 mcg Vitamin K
Sake 4 fluid ounces 0 mcg Vitamin K
Whiskey 1 oz. 0 mcg Vitamin K
Wine, white or red 5 fluid ounces 0.6 mcg Vitamin K
Vodka 4 fluid ounces 0 mcg Vitamin K

Common Questions About Coumadin (warfarin)

Dr. Tim Harlan has answered hundreds of questions about Coumadin (warfarin) use. Here are some of the most common questions people have about Coumadin and beverages:

Will non-alcoholic beer affect your Coumadin dose?
Does alcohol interact with Coumadin?
Is rooibos tea safe for Coumadin users?
Can I drink coffee while on Coumadin (warfarin), or should I switch to tea?
Should I avoid caffeinated coffee on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Is regular tea, iced or hot, contraindicated while taking Coumadin?
Would drinking hot water with lemon affect my INR?
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CranberriesShould you avoid cranberry juice on Coumadin (warfarin)?
The good news is that we now have pretty good evidence that it's OK to drink cranberry juice. The feeling has been that somehow cranberry juice interacted with the cytochrome P450 system of enzymes. These enzymes are critical to helping the body clear itself of chemicals such as medications we take. More....

How many micrograms of Vitamin K can I have in one day?
The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin K is 85 micrograms (mcg) per day. Most physicians recommend trying to keep levels no higher than this as a consequence of the effect that higher doses can have on INR levels. More....

My husband has diabetes and is on Coumadin (warfarin). How can I help him eat healthy?
The first step is for you and your husband to speak with your physician about the number of calories he should be eating each day. Many physicians have a dietitian available to their patients. Such referrals are especially helpful and if possible, you should go to the appointment with your husband. More....

Can I use these nutritional supplements while on Coumadin?
You should absolutely avoid all supplements while taking warfarin. There is very little solid research done on supplements and you are putting yourself at very high risk by taking them along with your Coumadin®. There is with the other medications you are taking as well. More....

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