Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!Are you frustrated by unrealistic low-carb diets?

Are you concerned about diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease?

Do you wish you could just eat the foods you love?

Do you want to lose weight, but don't know where to begin?

Dr. Timothy Harlan - a physician who is also a chef - has a prescription for you.

Finally, the truth about weight loss: You can drop extra pounds and treat common health problems with easy changes in your diet. Even better, many of the foods you already love are actually good for you!

As a physician and a chef, Dr. Timothy Harlan has counseled thousands of people searching for weight-loss answers. Now, in this simple, medically-based, 6-week plan, Dr. Harlan cuts through all the confusing diet trends and gets straight to the bottom line: your daily prescription for what to eat and why—and exactly how you can do it.

For anyone tired of restricted meals and unappetizing strategies (who really wants to avoid pasta for the rest of their life?), Just Tell Me What to Eat! takes the guesswork out of eating well. It emphasizes delicious, hearty meals, a Mediterranean-style diet, high-quality calories, and home cooking whenever possible. When you follow Dr. Harlan's basic food rules and balanced recipes, you really can eat:

Dr. Harlan is well aware that there are times when you simply won't want to think about cooking, so he accompanies each of his daily recipes with two quick alternatives: a convenience meal and a restaurant meal recommendation. Making healthy choices has never been this easy!

Just Tell Me What to Eat! gives you your food back—real food, familiar food, and food that tastes great—while arming you with the knowledge you need to achieve a slimmer, healthier, and happier lifestyle for good.

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Praise for Just Tell Me What to Eat!

"Just Tell Me What to Eat isn't just the book my patients have been asking me for, it's the book I've been wanting to find for my patients. I marvel at the simple and tasty approach to meal preparation that Chef Harlan so clearly articulates. And Doctor Harlan lays out the choices for a healthy lifestyle without ever bending the rules of physiology - I've never read a book about food choices that was based so firmly on the facts."

Cam Patterson, MD, MBA, Chief of Cardiology, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief, UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care

"Apparently my early 'Galloping Gourmet TV Shows' had an impact on 8 year old Tim.

"I'm glad we have both grown up with the idea that we can delight and do less harm. Good science is always moving us onward. Tim does a masterful job of matching good, up to the moment, science with good old fashioned taste.

"It's a book written for such a time as this."

Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet

"'Real food' is at the center of this book. Dr. Harlan bypasses all the conventional fad diets and related confusing nutritional advice by combining his medical expertise with the mind of a chef. The result is a simple, down-to-earth tool for better health."

Karl J. Guggenmos, WACS Global Master Chef and Dean of Culinary Education, Johnson & Wales University



Our Users Say

"A lot of the foods I was eating that were bad for me I don't miss or want anymore. I went from a 38 waist to 33 waist."

-Jerry McD.

"I ate well for three months, and at my followup, my cholesterol had dropped into a healthy range, my blood sugar level was perfectly normal, and I lost 26 pounds."

-Nancy S.

"Within three months, six days a week of exercise (on treadmill to the tune of 2.5 miles per day in 30 minutes) and a redirect of my diet.... I went from 172 lbs to my current weight of 157 pounds. And I feel terrific."

-Mark R.

"The food is flavorful and satisfying. I have learned that I can cook with less oil and less salt and the food comes out even better. Friends and family have said that they feel they enjoy the food just for the flavor and the fact it is good for you is a bonus!"

-Julia G.

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