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Harvest Wheat Pizza

DiGiorno Harvest Wheat Crust PizzaWe usually take time in our Friday review column to evaluate two or three convenience foods or a number of dishes from a restaurant. This is because I like to have dishes that are in some way similar to compare with each other. This week's meal doesn't have much to compare with, however. In fact, it appears to be the only one of its kind on the market.

We've heard a lot of feedback from readers about DiGiorno Harvest Wheat crust pizza. Finally! A frozen pizza with a wheat crust! Even though we've heard about this it's not all that easy to find. The frozen pizza case is prime real estate in grocery stores and I've been checking for a while now without much success. But finally there it was but only in one variety – the Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza.

I was a bit disappointed when looking at the Nutrition Facts, however. The package claims that there are 5 servings when realistically there's 4 slices. It's a square pizza and I just don't see someone cutting this up 5 ways. Even so, using their serving size a slice is 250 calories. Not too bad when you consider that someone would probably eat 2 slices. That's an OK amount for dinner. There's not too much saturated fat but there's a whopping 630 mg of sodium. I just don't get it. There's no need for that much salt. Period.

Even more disappointing is that there's only an extra gram of fiber: 4 grams vs. 3 grams for their regular crust pizzas. This is one of Kraft's Sensible Solution products. I've not found these to be all that "sensible" as they usually contain way too much salt and, like this pizza, aren't all that much different from their regular product. A bit of a scam really.

So, is it any good? Yes. A pretty good pizza. The crust is thin and crispy and there's a lot of veggies, pepperoni and cheese. I prefer pizza with whole wheat crust because it offers more body and flavor. This one delivers and the crust has the nutty, sweet flavor that one wants from a whole wheat dough.

These guys sell their product based on being as good as pizza from take out. This one is far better than any Domino's or Pizza Hut pizza that you'll get. The DiGiorno has less fat, more fiber and even though there's more salt than necessary you're still better off than with delivery.

Posted: November 21, 2008