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Three Cheese Pizza Wrap and Pesto Chicken Pizza Wrap

These looked interesting in the freezer case.

Glutenfreeda Three Cheese Pizza Wrap reviewed by Dr. GourmetThe idea of a wrap that tastes like pizza seemed novel. There are other forms of frozen pizza but none that we have seen of the burrito type. On inspection, I almost put them back because the smallish wraps were higher in sodium that we like to review, but the idea seemed unique enough to give them a try.

The first thing that we noticed after taking off the wrapper is that these are very small. In the frozen wrap world, even gluten free versions, these burritos are about two-thirds the size of the competition. Interestingly, they are much smaller than other Glutenfreeda products that we have tasted. Instructions call for wrapping in a paper towel before microwaving and this does result in some sogginess of the wrap. Testing this a few times we found that microwaving them on plate without a paper towel works just fine.

The Three Cheese Pizza Wrap just doesn’t taste like much of anything. Really. The wrap has a slight corn tortilla flavor but blandly so. The cheese filling is supposed to be tomatoey, but all it has is a slight red tint to it and tastes of neither cheese nor tomato or even pizza. There is no herb flavor of pizza sauce, no cheese flavor, nothing. This is made worse by the small amount of filling and compounded by the way the wrap is folded. In some bites there is no filling, just three or four layers of the (because it just came from the microwave) chewy tortilla.

Glutenfreeda Pesto Chicken Pizza Wrap Review by Dr. GourmetWe had higher hopes for the Pesto Chicken version, and it smelled pretty good coming out of the oven. There is some flavor to this one in comparison to the bland Three Cheese variety, but the problem is that the flavor is really terrible. This is not at all pestoey. You can tell the ingredients are there with some basil and parmesan flavors, but it is overpowered by a strong sour vinegar taste that engulfs everything. Add to that an overwhelming amount of salt and you have a hot (pocket) mess.

A complete washout for Glutenfreeda this time. There is nothing redeeming about these wraps except the concept.

First posted: September 26, 2014