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Dr. Gourmet's Food Reviews

Fit Wrapz

Breakfast Burrito and Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar

Dr. Gourmet reviews the Breakfast Burrito from Fit WrapzJust three weeks ago we first tested Fit Wrapz burritos, and I have to admit they were a disappointment. The numbers were good and the burritos even came in a whole wheat tortilla, but the flavor just wasn't up to our standards. Worse yet, there wasn't a vegetable, fruit, or seed to be found in either burrito.

Last week we reviewed burritos from Sweet Earth Natural Foods, whose numbers are slightly better but don't use whole wheat tortillas. The flavor is the biggest contrast, however: even when they're "a little one-note," as one panelist described their Peruvian Burrito, they're still interesting and full of flavor.

Today's Fit Wrapz are the company's breakfast burritos, which include potatoes, onions, and peppers, so right off the bat the panel was interested. After microwaving the Breakfast Burrito we noted that it held up very nicely, neither splitting nor becoming slimy. We could pick them up and take a bite, which is always a big plus. This burrito is "made with lean ground turkey," as it states on the package, and truly the vast majority of the filling is mostly the turkey "crumbles" followed closely by the fluffy and very white scrambled egg whites.

The turkey crumbles would be more accurately described as turkey sausage, for indeed that's what it tastes like: ground turkey with sausage spices. A little dry when tasted alone, as ground turkey can be, but together with the rest of the contents of the burrito, not too dry. There are indeed red skin potatoes in this burrito, but they're cut in very small dice, making them easy to miss unless you look for them. Similarly, the red bell pepper and poblano pepper are also cut in a fine dice, and the onions we never spotted at all.

Remember how we said that Sweet Earth's Peruvian Burrito was "a little one-note?" This Breakfast Burrito is truly one-note: the only thing you can taste is the turkey sausage. "If you really like the sausage," said a panelist, "you might like this, but it's kind of 'meh'." A much better effort, Fit Wrapz, but in terms of flavor we'd have to recommend Sweet Earth's breakfast burritos over this one.

Dr. Gourmet reviews the Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar from Fit WrapzNext we turned to their Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar. Maple Sugar? "I hope it's not one-note sweet," remarked a panelist. When you cut this burrito in half, it looks like essentially the same burrito as the Breakfast Burrito, with slightly more yellow egg whites (probably because of the cheddar cheese). It has a slight maple aroma tinged with... plastic? "Definitely smells like plastic," said another panelist.

At that point the first taster took a bite, chewed for a moment, and walked directly to the sink and spit it out. "Tastes like plastic, too," they reported after rinsing their mouth. "That's just gross."

Gingerly the rest of the panel tried the Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar as well.

"That's disgusting."

"Is that really made with actual food?"

"Tastes like some kind of plastic or rubber caulking material."

The panel agreed that this was the single worst item they had ever tested for Dr. Gourmet. I don't think any further comment is necessary, other than: buy Sweet Earth Natural Foods' burritos. Don't buy Fit Wrapz.

Reviewed: August 12, 2016