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Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

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Dr. Gourmet's Food Reviews

Saffron Road

Bibimbop with Beef and Gochujang Chicken with Brown Rice

Saffron Road Bibimbop with Beef Reviewed by Dr. GourmetWhen I am creating recipes for Dr. Gourmet I am mindful of how spicy a dish might be. It is pretty easy to make a dish spicier by adding more hot sauce or peppers, but it's difficult to make it milder, and because I want our readers to be able to enjoy their meal it makes sense to let folks determine their own level of heat. I imagine that folks who make convenience meals struggle about how spicy to make their meals and from all the tasting we have done it seems pretty clear that companies keep it on the mild side.

Our tests of some Saffron Road dishes have been refreshingly on the spicier side. Their Bibimbop with Tofu is a good example and we felt that it was a very good meal, so the Bibimbop with Beef seemed a natural for us to review.

This meal is as spicy as the tofu version, but for some reason is also much sweeter and very much saltier. Not sure why this is, but the flavor suffers as a result. There are small bits of overcooked veggies and the brown rice is a little gummy. It is a shame because the flavor of the beef is fantastic. We have tasted hundreds of meals and the quality of the meat in this one is the best ever. It actually tastes like beef.

It is also a shame that the flavor lets this meal down, because it is only 410 calories with a reasonable 520 mg of sodium (but only 3 grams of fiber). An OK meal but not one that we can recommend.

Saffron Road Gochujang Chicken with Brown Rice Reviewed by Dr. GourmetThe Gochujang Chicken with Brown Rice was promising coming out of the microwave, with a great, spicy aroma. Like the Bibimbop with Beef this meal is disappointing, however, and one of the first from Saffron Road that we can't even say is OK. It is too sweet, too salty (especially at 630 mg), the vegetables and rice are both very much overcooked and there is not very much chicken in the meal (what is there is quite good, however).

This is our first truly disappointing review from a great company. Both meals are a bit too sweet and too salty and even the great tasting beef and chicken can't save them.

Reviewed: April 25, 2014