Special Diet Information

Coumadin® (Warfarin)
This recipe is safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users.

This recipe is NOT safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

This is NOT a low sodium recipe.

GERD / Acid Reflux
This recipe contains GERD triggers, and those with GERD may wish to avoid it.

Gluten Sensitivity
This recipe is safe for those who are sensitive to gluten. Use garbanzo flour in this dish.


"For me, the cooking life has been a long love affair, with moments both sublime and ridiculous." -Anthony Bourdain, Chef, Author

The refrigerator light goes on...

This is such an easy recipe and so very elegant. The hardest part is mincing the shallots.

Cooking the shallots for at least 10 minutes is key: you want the flavor of the shallot to infuse into the oil. Likewise, adding the spices and cooking them for a few minutes helps soften their flavor and further infuses the oil. White flour is OK for this recipe, but the garbanzo flour is a bit more nutty and has a cleaner, less astringent flavor.


Curried Sea Scallops

Servings: 2 | Serving size: 4 ounces scallops with sauce

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

This recipe can be multiplied. The sauce makes good leftovers, but cooking the scallops should be done just before serving.

Serve with Brown Rice or Simple Quinoa


Serve with Ginger Snow Peas or Herbed Zucchini or Pan Grilled Asparagus or Pan Grilled Broccoli or Parmesan Squash or Parmesan Zucchini

Curried Sea Scallops


2 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. unsalted butter
1 small. shallot (finely minced)
1 tsp. curry powder
1/4 tsp. garam masala
1 tsp. all-purpose flour or garbanzo flour
1/4 cup white wine
1/4 tsp. lemon zest
1/2 tsp. honey
10 threads saffron
1/8 tsp. salt
to taste fresh ground black pepper
1/2 cup 2% milk
1 tsp. olive oil
8 ounces sea scallops

Place the olive oil and butter in a small sauce pan over medium heat.

Add the minced shallots and cook for 8 minutes. Don't allow the shallots to brown.

Add the curry powder and garam masala.

Cook for 2 minutes. Stir frequently.

Add the flour and stir gently until the flour is well blended.

Add the white wine, lemon zest, honey, saffron, salt, and pepper.

Reduce the heat to low-medium and cook gently for 5 minutes. Whisk the sauce frequently.

Add the milk slowly and whisk until the sauce is smooth.

Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes, and after it begins to thicken, remove from the heat.

Place a large skillet over medium-high heat.

When the pan is hot, add one teaspoon olive oil.

Swirl and add the scallops.

Do not overcrowd the pan.

Cook on the first side for about 3 minutes.

Turn the scallops over to cook on the other side for 3 – 5 minutes.

When you turn the scallops, place the sauce back on the burner over low heat. Heat gently while the scallops are cooking.

Divide the sauce between two plates, top with the cooked scallops, and serve.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 4 ounces scallops with sauce

Servings: 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 248 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value
Total Fat 11g 15%
    Saturated Fat 4g 18%
    Monounsaturated Fat 6g
    Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 41mg 14%
Sodium 624mg 27%
Total Carbohydrates 13g 5%
    Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
    Sugars 6g
Protein 16g
Vitamin A 7% Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 7% Iron 2%
Vitamin K 6mcg Potassium 175mg
Magnesium 16mg