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Coumadin® (Warfarin)
This recipe is safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users.

This recipe is safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

This is a low sodium recipe.

GERD / Acid Reflux
This recipe contains GERD triggers and those with GERD may wish to avoid it.

Gluten Sensitivity
This recipe is safe for those who are sensitive to gluten.


"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."
-George Bernard Shaw, Author

The refrigerator light goes on...

I was one of the lucky ones who grew up with liver and liking liver. This healthy recipe is a variation of the liver and onions that I had as a kid and still love. The sweetness of the onions and apples are terrific together with the savory flavor of the rosemary and liver.

If you like liver and have been told that it's not good for you because of too much cholesterol, this is outdated information. We certainly are careful about recommending eating foods that are really high in cholesterol too often but we know that the real problem for most people is saturated fat and trans fats and how they interact with the cholesterol. So if you love liver, it's a great choice for having about once a month.

This year I decided that there was nothing that I would not try to eat. We all have things we don't like and for me one was sweet potatoes and yams. But by saying to myself, "I'm going to eat these yams and like it," I found I loved them. I have found so many foods that I "didn't like" as a kid and had a bias against so if you don't think you like liver, try again -- you might be surprised.


Calf's Liver with Onion and Apple

Servings: 2 | Serving size: 4 ounces calf's liver with onion and apple topping.

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

This recipe can be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5.

This healthy recipe is great on sandwiches the next day (even the apples).

Serve with Roasted Yams with Rosemary or Roasted Potatoes or Plain Mashed Potatoes or Mashed Yams or Yam Home Fries or Home Fries - Low Sodium Version or Home Fries or Yam Home Fries - Low Sodium Version or Plain Mashed Potatoes - Low Sodium Version or Roasted Yams with Rosemary - Low Sodium Version

olive oil spray
1/2 lb onion (sliced into thin rings)
2 granny smith apples (peeled and sliced)
1 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1 cup water
2 Tbsp dried currants
1 Tbsp fresh rosemary
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp unsalted butter
8 ounces calves liver
1/4 cup white wine

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Place olive oil in a ten inch skillet and heat over medium heat. Add onions and cook them slowly browning them until lightly caramelized. They should be slightly limp and translucent.

Add the apples and cook gently for about 5 minutes until they begin to brown. Add the vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and water.

Cook over medium heat until the apples are soft but not falling apart. Reduce until the liquid should be almost evaporated. Add the currants and rosemary and toss for about two minutes.

Divide the onion-apple mixture, placing half in the center of two large plates. Remove plates to the warm oven.

In the same pan add the butter and heat until frothing. Add the liver and sauté over medium-high heat, tossing well, until cooked brown on the outside but still tender to the touch (about 7 - 10 minutes).

Top the onion-apple on each plate with half of the liver. With the pan still hot add the white wine and deglaze the pan. Reduce the liquid to about half and divide equally between the servings.

Garnish with fresh rosemary.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 4 ounces calf's liver with onion and apple topping.

Servings: 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 397 Calories from Fat 87
  % Daily Value
Total Fat 10g 15%
    Saturated Fat 4g 22%
    Monounsaturated Fat 2g
    Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 384mg 128%
Sodium 376mg 16%
Total Carbohydrates 45g 15%
    Dietary Fiber 5g 21%
    Sugars 28g
Protein 25g
Vitamin A 879% Vitamin C 34%
Calcium 8% Iron 47%
Vitamin K 3 mcg Potassium 805 mg
Magnesium 54 mg