It's Heartly Fare

A food book that makes sense of fat, cholesterol and salt.

It's Heartly Fare, by Timothy S. Harlan, MD

Have you been diagnosed with heart disease, or do you need to watch your cholesterol? Need to know how to improve your diet so that you can lose weight and live longer?

It's Heartly Fare, by Timothy S. Harlan, MD, is a primer on how to eat healthy. A simple, straightforward approach to eating well, this is the book that makes sense of fat, cholesterol and salt.

What's Inside:

  • Fats:
    What are they? Is all fat bad, or are there good kinds of fat?
  • Cholesterol:
    "Bad" Cholesterol and "good" cholesterol. What's the difference?
  • Sodium (salt):
    What are healthy levels of salt in your diet? How can you get the right amount?
  • Some really good guys:
    A list of some foods that are low in fat, cholesterol and salt.
  • Some really bad guys:
    What to stay away from!
  • Fat days:
    Some days you don't make all the right choices. Here's what to do about it.
  • Read all labels:
    How to read nutrition labels.
  • Things you might not know about some foods:
    What's true and false about what you've heard about some foods.
  • Eating out:
    Making healthy choices at restaurants.
  • Cooking it yourself:
    Changing the way you cook can help you cut down on fat, cholesterol and salt. Lots of resources here, including this website!
  • More food talk
    About food groups, the food pyramid, and other things your doctor might want you to know about food.

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