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July 6, 2007

Kashi GoLean Waffles

I am not sure what prompted me to take this product out of the freezer case. I know that prepared waffles are a fairly popular product and had recently had a patient tell me she ate them often for breakfast.

GoLean Original WafflesMaybe it was the package. GoLean... It sounds so promising. And they are lean but not really any more so than other breadstuffs that you might have for breakfast. There's about 170 calories in two waffles and 3 grams of fat. What makes these waffles different is the amount of fiber. Two waffles have 6 grams of fiber (Eggo waffles have 1 gram).

The best thing that could be said for these is that they are OK. Not really good and not really bad. Both the "Original" and blueberry were tested and eating them plain was pretty bland. Now eating toast plain could be described that way but there's a lot of bread on the market today with a great flavor so your waffle should taste like something if it's going to compete. It was hard to know the difference between the plain and blueberry versions they were so close in taste.

GoLean Blueberry WafflesWaffles should have a sweetish, malt taste to them. Those flavors were brought out with a little light margarine and maple syrup and the Kashi product actually tasted like a waffle when garnished. Both versions were also tried with just some jam as you might have a piece of toast and the same thing happened. The preserves enhanced the "waffle" flavor.

So why buy these? I can't really see a reason. A slice of Orowheat Honey Fiber Whole Grain bread is lower in calories and fat and has more fiber (and a lot more flavor). The other problem is cost. A loaf of good quality whole grain bread will set you back about $3.00. There's 15 - 20 slices in that loaf. A package of six waffles is the same $3.00 and all you get for your extra money is a waffle shape.

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