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June 22, 2007

Non-Stick Foil

There are a lot of muffin and quick bread recipes on the Dr. Gourmet website. These are great alternatives to cereal or toast for breakfast. If you�re going to be baking, there�s two products that are must haves in your kitchen.

Reynolds Foil Baking CupsThe first is Reynolds Foil Baking Cups. Regular paper baking cups have always struck me as a problem because some of the muffin or cupcake always sticks to the paper when baking (often a LOT of the muffin or cupcake). Not so with these foil cups. Anything that you put in them simply slips out easily after being baked. No fuss and no mess.

The other product that I always have in my kitchen is also made by Reynolds. While I will buy pretty much any aluminum foil their Reynolds Wrap Release product is one that is a must have. This non-stick aluminum foil has a ton of uses. The best is when making quick breads. Lining the Pyrex dish with the non-stick foil beforehand means that you don�t have to grease and flour the pan.

Reynolds Wrap ReleaseWhile greasing the pan doesn�t add all that many calories it�s not always perfectly successful. Using the non-stick foil makes for a perfect loaf every time.

There�s so many other uses though. Any regular pie pan, cookie sheet or Pyrex dish is turned into an easy to get the stuff out of or off of utensil. These are perfect for anything you put in the oven that you don�t want to have the hassle of it sticking to the pan. They make a regular width but also an extra wide 18 inch version and I always have both on hand in the kitchen.

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