Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP has counseled thousands of his patients on healthy, sustainable weight loss. Now he's compiled his best tips and recipes into a six-week plan for you to learn how to eat great food that just happens to be great for you - and if losing weight is your goal, you can do that, too.

Get the prescription for better health as well as healthy weight loss, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to cook it
  • When to eat it
  • What to eat at a restaurant
  • What to eat if you're in a hurry
  • and best of all....
  • Why eating great food is the best health decision you'll ever make.

Hardcover: $19.99 +s/h | Paperback: $15.00 +s/h


Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.When I am giving talks I always joke that none of my patients ever eat Oreo cookies. Now, I find this really strange because the aisles in the grocery store are FULL of cookies (but none of my patients are buying them). This always gets a big laugh, but I think folks are laughing at themselves. We aren't always honest with ourselves, and probably even more often are not completely honest with our doctors (shocking, I know).

When patients tell me that they don't eat Oreos, I would really like to leave the office and drive them to their house and go through their cupboards and refrigerator with them. Some patients might prove me wrong, but research says that most people have an awful lot of cookies or other junk in their pantry. When researchers have studied people's trash, they have seen a clear disconnect between what people will say they are eating and what ends up in their trash bins. Eat healthier by cleaning out your pantry »

Salmon with Grapefruit Sauce

I had a variation of this recipe at a restaurant in Chile. The soft sweetness of the salmon balances the bitterness of the grapefruit and the paprika and thyme give it spice and a hint of aromatics.

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Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

No other meal plan includes making extra for lunches and leftovers later in the week. This is truly a meal plan for the Real World! Recipes include Fettuccine Alfredo, Shrimp Fried Rice, and Taco Salad.

Buy the paperback: $15.00 + s/h
Buy the hardback: $19.99 + s/h