Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP has counseled thousands of his patients on healthy, sustainable weight loss. Now he's compiled his best tips and recipes into a six-week plan for you to learn how to eat great food that just happens to be great for you - and if losing weight is your goal, you can do that, too.

Get the prescription for better health as well as healthy weight loss, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to cook it
  • When to eat it
  • What to eat at a restaurant
  • What to eat if you're in a hurry
  • and best of all....
  • Why eating great food is the best health decision you'll ever make.

Hardcover: $19.99 +s/h | Paperback: $15.00 +s/h


Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

August 1, 2011

Chef Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.Technically, braising is simmering food in a small amount of liquid in a covered or uncovered pan or casserole. In some ways it's similar to stewing, except that with braising there's generally only enough water, wine or stock to add a little moisture while stewing immerses the ingredients in liquid. Both achieve the same purpose of tenderizing ingredients while adding flavor. The classic braised dish is Coq au Vin: chicken cooked in red wine.

If you like, you can start by searing the item you are going to braise. It's a bit of a fallacy that the searing will seal in the juices, especially when you are braising for a long time, since the whole purpose is to break down the fibers and add moisture. Searing can, however, add a wonderful caramelized flavor to the dish. If you do sear first, it's best to do that on the range over medium-high heat, then add the cooking liquid before putting the pan in the oven. Braising

Featured Recipe

Braised Cuban Beef

 Slow braising tougher cuts of meat is a little like the long version of marinating. The goal of braising beef like this is both to tenderize and to impart flavor. It works great with these Cuban spices. The dish is savory and sweet and spicy and tart all at the same time. There's enough liquid in the canned tomatoes that you won't need to add any water.

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