Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP has counseled thousands of his patients on healthy, sustainable weight loss. Now he's compiled his best tips and recipes into a six-week plan for you to learn how to eat great food that just happens to be great for you - and if losing weight is your goal, you can do that, too.

Get the prescription for better health as well as healthy weight loss, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to cook it
  • When to eat it
  • What to eat at a restaurant
  • What to eat if you're in a hurry
  • and best of all....
  • Why eating great food is the best health decision you'll ever make.

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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

April 25, 2011

Dr. Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.I write a lot. People ask me sometimes how I get so much done and my answer is that it's part of the rhythm of my day to day life. We have this newsletter and the others that we send out every week, and while there are times that it seems a chore, mostly it's fun and easy.

There are others that write too, of course. Everyone has their reason and many a very specific agenda. Here at Dr. Gourmet we work hard to make sure that what we publish is founded in well designed and executed research. Being objective and being positive is challenging sometimes and I am not sure that I always get it right.

There are a few people that I very much respect and look up to. These are writers who I read avidly and I'd like to share them with you. Some write about medicine, some about food, some about psychology and others about diet and nutrition. If you follow Dr. Gourmet, I think you will appreciate their sensibilities. Nine People You Should Follow

Featured Recipe

Sole Caprese

Tomatoes and BasilTwenty or thirty years ago sole was the posh fish on menus in America. I don't think of making it often but it is so fantastic. You can make a quick and simple fish dish or something a little more elaborate and elegant and it'll always be great.

Gluten-Free Living

Over the last couple of years we have worked hard to build a robust section for those who eat gluten free. There are now hundreds of gluten free recipes on the web site along with reviews of convenience foods and Health and Nutrition Bites articles about celiac disease. We are in the process of completely rebuilding that section and are publishing a new series of articles on getting started for those needing to follow the gluten free lifestyle. This is part of that series:

It's clear that Celiac Disease can be very challenging to diagnose. Stomach pain, diarrhea and bloating, some of the more common symptoms of Celiac, can also mean anything from gallbladder disease to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). There is good research, for instance, that shows those diagnosed with IBS are four times as likely to actually have Celiac Disease. Given that this condition is under diagnosed it's important to know exactly what testing is effective. Testing for Celiac Disease

Cooking School Scholarship Available

Do you know someone who wants to be a chef? Are they a resident of the New Orleans area? The John Besh Foundation is offering a full scholarship to The French Culinary Institute. This an amazing opportunity that includes tuition, travel and living expenses for a minority student interested in one of the finest culinary educations available today.

Get the details at or watch a video of John Besh discussing this opportunity. Forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested!

Calling all success stories!

Many of you have written to us with nice words about what we do here at Dr. Gourmet. We love hearing from you and it really makes all our hard work worthwhile. Thank you!

If you have had success with The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan, made use of the information we share or have enjoyed the recipes on the web site, we'd like to hear from you. Won't you write us at and tell us your story?