Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: June 7, 2010

Vitamins and Supplements

[This article is part of The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan Coaching Program, an ongoing series on The How and Why of Eating Healthy. Read the whole series to date.]

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.There are a lot of vitamins sold today. They come in all forms – pills, capsules, packets of pills and supplement drinks. We now have more and more good research that says they are pretty much worthless. We know that vitamins are good for you, but the research is now clear that getting your vitamins from food and not supplements is better for you. Vitamins and Supplements

Featured Recipes

Fusilli with Morels and Roasted Garlic | Low Sodium Version

Morel MushroomsWhen I told a friend that I had some fresh morels, they asked how I was going to prepare them. "As simply as possible" was my reply. There's so much great flavor in these guys that you don't need much. Garlic, shallots, butter... that's all you need.

Polenta and Eggs

Roasted GarlicIf I had a nickel for every time in the last year I have said, "eggs are OK; quit worrying about them," I would be pretty rich by now. They're OK and this is a great way to have them. It's sort of like toad in the hole with great flavorful carbs and rich yummy eggs.

Exercise Ideas:
Play Video Games!
Exercise with Jacques Courseault, M.D.

Jacques CourseaultVideo games aren't just for kids! According to a recent report, 53 percent of American adults play video games, and one in five adults (21%) play every day or almost every day. While sedentary behavior is linked to chronic diseases and obesity, new, active video games systems may help you meet your weekly exercise recommendations. Play Video Games!

The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan

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The Quality Calorie Diet for Coumadin Users:

The Quality Calorie Diet for Coumadin Users

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