Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: May 3, 2010

Eating Healthy: Coffee

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CoffeeBack when David Letterman had his heart trouble a few years ago, he talked about how his doctors had told him that he couldn't drink coffee anymore. At the time all I could think was, "Find a new doctor." There has never been good evidence for telling patients not to drink coffee. In fact, there's a ton of research showing that coffee is good for you.

In one study of coffee consumption, researchers in Italy enrolled over 11,000 recent heart attack sufferers in research lasting three and a half years. At the beginning of the study, and at regular intervals throughout, the subjects were interviewed regarding their diet, including specifically their coffee intake. The diet and coffee consumption of those subjects who experienced another heart attack or a stroke during the study were compared with those subjects who didn't have any problems. Go Ahead, Drink Coffee

Featured Recipe

Wild Mushroom and Sausage Linguine

Shiitake MushroomsI love using sausage in recipes like this. I look for the best quality sausage with as natural ingredients possible. I also look for those with lower sodium - no more than about 350 mg per ounce. Adding the sausage early in the cooking, as with this recipe, intensifies the flavor and means that you'll have to add less salt to your dish.

How to Conserve Muscle Mass During Weight Loss
Exercise with Jacques Courseault

Jacques CourseaultConserving muscle mass, or lean body mass (LBM), is essential to maintaining a healthy body composition during periods of weight loss. Muscle supports your joints, helps you to perform daily activities, keeps you looking toned and boosts your resting metabolism, or the energy you expend at rest. Dr. Cedric Bryant, the Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise, states that an extra pound of muscle can result in an extra pound of weight loss over a year. How to Conserve Muscle Mass During Weight Loss

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