Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: October 19, 2009

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[This is another in our series on the How and Why of Eating Healthy.]

OatmealThe research about increasing whole grains and cereals in your diet proves an amazing range of benefits. It is likely that this is the result of an increased fiber intake for those adding more whole grains to their diet. In one study men who ate more fiber had a far lower risk of weight gain: up to 48% lower for the highest intake of fiber. For women, the effect was not as dramatic, but those eating the most fiber still had a decreased risk of weight gain of 19%. The Mediterranean Diet: Cereals and Grains

Featured Recipe

Mediterranean Quinoa

Feta CheeseEven though I talk about how the Mediterranean diet doesn't mean that you have to eat Mediterranean food, there are times when you want to. This is a great mix of those flavors. You can use almost any veggie that you like and basil, tarragon or dill instead of the oregano.

This is a good example of how some recipes will be a little higher in sodium. Even leaving the added salt out will save only about 15 mg per serving. The feta cheese, capers and the olives come with salt already - but so much flavor.

This recipe is gluten-free. It contains cheese, so those who are lactose-intolerant but can tolerate cheese may enjoy it. Those on Coumadin (warfarin), with GERD / Acid Reflux, or on low-sodium diets should avoid it.

A Healthy Pregnancy
with Faith Bontrager, RN, BSN

Faith Bontrager, RN, BSNIn other articles we have covered how breastmilk is excellent nutrition for your baby but this site isn't only about nutrition. It is about food that tastes great! Babies, like their parents, appreciate wonderful flavors. Breastmilk provides a variety of flavors that may influence baby's palate for years to come. Breastfeeding: Developing a Future Gourmet

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