Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: February 16, 2009

Dr. Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.We know now that nuts and seeds are really good for you. So much research has now shown that they're a great choice in everything from snacks to being used as part of recipes. One important study shows that nuts added to a Mediterranean Diet made a huge difference in developing metabolic syndrome (Arch Intern Med 2008: 168; 2449 - 2458). Do keep in mind that nuts are considered fats and are higher in calories. Even so, the types of fat are so much better for you since most are low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fats.

In another study of folks already on a Mediterranean diet, those who added walnuts to their diet had an additional 4% decrease in total cholesterol. Eating 3 ounces of almonds per day for 9 weeks had a as much as a 10% drop in cholesterol. To make it even better nuts and seeds are chock full of antioxidants and Vitamin E as well as magnesium, copper, monounsaturated fat, plant sterols, protein and fiber.

While a lot of the studies are funded by industry groups like the California Walnut Commission, much of it is excellent research and the conclusions are pretty compelling. There may be some possibility that almonds are better than walnuts and walnuts are better than cashews or peanuts, but I don't believe that we have as much information about this as we need to. Eat what you like. Raw may be better than roasted and certainly eating your nuts unsalted is likely to be better for you. Nut and Seed Choices

Featured Recipe

Flank Steak with Paprika Sauce and Shallots

ShallotsI love the smokiness of paprika and this sauce of peppers and paprika is so lovely with the sweetness of the braised shallots. Big, rich flavors in a healthy dish that's low in fat, saturated fat and sodium.

This recipe is low in sodium and safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users. It is also gluten-free (provided the ingredients used are gluten-free) and lactose-free. Those with GERD / Acid Reflux should avoid it, as it contains multiple GERD triggers.

A Healthy Pregnancy

Faith Bontrager, RNCan I continue to eat a vegetarian diet during pregnancy?

Yes, you can. Here are some guidelines.

Like all pregnant women, you need about 60 grams of protein daily and 100-300 more calories than before you were pregnant (or enough to support suggested weight gain). If you don't have adequate calories, your body will break down some of the protein for energy. Most vegetarians simply add an extra daily serving or two of the same protein foods they usually eat. A Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

eatTHISdiet for Coumadin Users:
The Cookbook

Book Cover

eatTHISdiet for Coumadin Users is now available in both spiral-bound paperback and PDF format!

Over 200 pages of what you need to know while on Coumadin (warfarin), including food lists - so you'll know what you can eat! Includes a complete six-week eatTHISdiet for Coumadin users, with weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and over 90 recipes. Just $31.52 for the spiral-bound book and $14.95 for the eBook. Order yours now!

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I've changed the name of my free online diet planner to reflect my belief that it's the quality of the calories we eat that count most. The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan includes the My eatTHISdiet features you know and love, plus:

1. Track your daily food intake, whether you use Dr. Gourmet recipes or not.
2. Keep a daily exercise journal to calculate and track the calories you burn.
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4. Use your own recipes to create your two-week meal plans
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Your two-week meal plans will continue to include foods for your entire family. Leftovers are still used for lunches and later in the week.

Those who are on Coumadin (warfarin), are lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive or have GERD / acid reflux will (of course) still be able to use the planner to create healthy diets for their conditions. Get started on eating healthier and losing weight now!

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