Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: September 29, 2008

Chef Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.OK, I love pans. I have more than a few because over time I have collected ones that work best for certain recipes. I get questions from visitors about what are the best pans to purchase. The answer depends on the amount of room in your kitchen, your budget and how much of a geek you might be.

Heavy gauge aluminum pans are a fine value and are good conductors of heat. Because of this they will be fairly responsive to changes in heat. Many brands come coated with non-stick and handled carefully will last for years. These are a great choice for beginning cooks. Those that are not coated will take on a lovely cure and a natural non-stick over time.

Stainless pans are higher up the price range and somewhat more conductive. There's a wide range now of pans that have everything from basic stainless steel to sandwiches of stainless or aluminum or copper. For beginners it's best to find a moderately priced heavy gauge pan. Pans

Featured Recipe

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Paprika Mayonnaise

Pork TenderloinThis is a lovely and lush mayonnaise that works well on roast pork but the best part is that there are likely to be leftovers (depending on how much pork you cook). Both the pork and the mayonnaise make great sandwiches together or separately.

Cooking the spices helps mellow the harsh flavors and for most folks this will be mild enough to be GERD friendly.

This recipe is safe for Coumadin® (warfarin) users and is low in sodium. It is gluten-free provided that the ingredients used to make it are gluten-free, and it should be safe for most with GERD / Acid Reflux. Those who are lactose intolerant should avoid it.

Featured Ingredient: Paprika

Onions This lovely spicy red powder is ground from mild to piquant peppers in the Capsicum family. The most common used to make paprika is the dried tomato pepper, which is closely related to other peppers, such as sweet peppers and jalapenos.

Paprikas on the market today come from as disparate locations as California, Spain, Chile and Hungary. It is Hungarian paprika that has become the most famous and most feel is the best quality. Cultivation began in the 17th century and the spice quickly became a staple of the Hungarian diet.

The aromatic flavor of the raw tomato pepper is between that of sweet and hot peppers. Drying and grinding creates a complex, pungent spice that is both spicy and sweet. The spice rack in your grocery store will carry a milder variety, while the spicier paprikas are found in gourmet groceries and online.

The powder is a great garnish and, when I was growing up, the main use was on deviled eggs. The true subtlety of its flavor and color is released with heating. Add the spice later in a dish, as the high sugar content will easily caramelize with direct heat.

Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life!

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.
Dr. Gourmet

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