Dr. Gourmet Newsletter: August 3, 2007

Dr. Tim Says....

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.Last week I wrote about breakfast and how important it is to make this part of your day. At the same time I wanted to offer some practical advice about what made up a good breakfast (both quick and easy as well as elaborate). There was a lot of response to that column and it got me thinking about how lunch is important, too.

While it's not the "most important meal of the day," lunch is the one where a lot of folks get into trouble. There have been hundreds of my patients who by simply eating a good breakfast and planning for lunch have made significant changes in their health and had significant weight loss. When's Lunch?

Featured Recipe

Polynesian Chicken
I loved this sort of recipe when I was young. There were a couple of Polynesian restaurants in New Jersey where I went to high school and they had the Tiki Huts for tables and served drinks in coconut husks. The sweet, sour savory flavors always worked so well together. They say that comfort food is what makes you comfortable and I am betting that there�s a lot of people who find this one of their comfort food dishes.

Ask Dr. Gourmet

With all these trans fat free products new on grocery shelves, I have noticed that hydrogenated soybean oil has been replaced with palm oil. This palm oil is in a lot of products that are supposed to be good for you. Example peanut butter, and some Kashi bars. I was told by my Doctor not to eat anything that has coconut oil or palm kernel oil in it. Is this palm oil safe to eat, or is it as harmful as the other bad oils?

Dr. Gourmet Says....

Your doctor is correct and you should avoid foods that have coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Both are high in saturated fat and there's good reason to be careful with such products.

Palm oil is taken from the fruit of the palm, however. Palm kernel oil is pressed from the seeds (kernels) of the fruit and is much higher in saturated fat at about 80% vs. only 50% in palm oil. Palm oil also has a higher ratio of "good fats" though and early research shows that palm oil has similar effects on cholesterol profiles (total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol) as olive oil.

So you should be safe with products like the peanut butter and Kashi bars that contain palm oil and not palm kernel oil.

Featured Ingredient: Grapeseed Oil

GrapesThis stuff is so lovely. It has light fruity flavor that is softer than most olive oils when used in a dressing or marinades. I generally use it when I don�t want the taste of the oil to interfere with other flavors in a recipe. I keep a bottle on hand but there�s also spray cans available in most groceries now.

It has a higher amount of mono-unsaturated fats than many oils with a low amount of trans-fatty acids and, consequently, it may actually help prevent heart disease. Grapeseed Oil

Did You Know?

Good Housekeeping
Look in the September issue for the article, Diet Mistakes & Fast Fixes. Dr. Harlan gives advice on what to do when you've blown your diet.

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Hand on Heart

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