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June 18, 2007

Chef Tim Says...

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.This is another in a series I have been writing about healthy choices for you to make at the grocery store. So far I have discussed different ideas for proteins like meat, poultry and fish and last week got to the pantry listing items you should keep on hand for baking. Last week covered fats.

This week is a very simple list of the items that you should begin stocking in your cupboard. This is by no means everything that you might have in your pantry but a starting place for those items that will let you always have something healthy in the house to start (or complete) a meal. In Your Pantry: Cupboard Essentials

Featured Recipe

Fettuccine with Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette
PeppersUsing fresh peppers is the best way, but you can use bottled peppers in this recipe. There�s a lot of good brands on the market and a 16 ounce jar is about the equivalent of three large red peppers. Make sure that they are packed in water and not oil (most are) and don�t have added salt (most do not). Usually there�s a little bit of vinegar in the packing liquid but this won�t have an effect on your sauces usually.

Ask Dr. Gourmet

Now I understand why most scallops I buy at the store are bitter and why some are delicious, I was going crazy trying to figure it out and had given up scallops. I've never seen scallops labeled "chemical free". Where can I find such scallops? Any grocery store chains that you know of?

Dr. Gourmet Says....

Usually only the specialty grocery stores will make such claims with their scallops. Likewise, they are the ones that are more likely to carry the better product.

Major grocery chains for the most part do purchase lesser quality scallops and these have been treated with chemicals. You can ask to smell them and a good fish counter should let you. Good quality scallops should smell just like the ocean -- fresh, clean with that slightly salty air that you smell when standing on the beach. If they have been treated with chemicals, they smell like they've been treated with chemicals -- kind of like a sterile operating room.

I have found that Whole Foods and Harris Teeter are two major chains that do care for their scallops but, again, the proof is in the sniff test. More on Sea Scallops

Featured Ingredient: Arugula

ArugulaKnown as Rocket (or Roquette), this is a member of the same family as cabbages and cresses. Arugula is pungent and spicy with a slightly peppery flavor. It is an essential ingredient in the Proven�al mixed greens, mesclun.

Shop for arugula that is bright green with a soft texture. The younger leaves are not as spicy and I avoid very large leaves because they can be more bitter and tough.

2 ounces arugula = 14 calories, 0g fat, 0g sat fat, 0g mono fat, 1g protein, 2g carbohydrates, 15mg sodium, 0mg cholesterol

Did You Know?

Lots of people are lactose intolerant.

If you're lactose intolerant, there's a recipe guide for you on the Dr. Gourmet website. The recipes have been divided into those that contain cheese or milk, those that you might be able to tolerate, and those that are lactose-free.

Get information about lactose intolerance and browse the recipe guide: Lactose Intolerant Recipe Guide.

Hand on Heart

Hand on Heart

Dr. Harlan's latest cookbook, Hand on Heart, includes several of the recipes from drgourmet.com, plus a few that were developed specifically for the book, like Banoffee Pie! More on what's inside.

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

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