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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
April 2, 2007

Dr. Tim Says...

Your mother was right (she knew it all along). It turns out that breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day.

There are a number of reasons that you should make a healthy breakfast part of your life. When you consider that you had dinner at 6:00 or 7:00 the night before and you might get up for breakfast at 6:00 A.M. you have already gone about 12 hours without eating. Not having breakfast and waiting until your “coffee break” or lunch adds even more time. By the time you get around to eating it could be that your body has been starving for as long as 18 hours.

We now have a lot of research showing that extended periods of starvation can change your metabolism. The body effectively slows down to preserve the calories that it has stored, since there's a perceived lack of calories coming in. The science shows that this can affect how easy it is for you to lose weight. What about breakfast?

Featured Recipe: Bay Scallops with Mushroom Bisque and Tomatoes

This is the dish that you can serve for a special meal or dinner party. It�s so simple, and while it takes some time, most of it is waiting for the mushrooms to cook. Everything can be done in advance and the soup and mushroom/tomato mixture heated at the last minute while the scallops cook. Best of all it�s good for them and they won�t even know it! Bay Scallops with Mushroom Bisque and Tomatoes

Ask Dr. Gourmet

I was wondering if (and how) sushi can fit into a healthy eating plan. It might be my only true weakness!

Dr. Gourmet Says...

Sushi certainly has a place in a healthy diet. I eat sushi all the time and it is well known that the Japanese suffer from very low rates of heart disease. The only cautions as a physician that I have for my patients is to make sure you know that the restaurant is a good one. I don't eat sushi at simply any restaurant. Cleanliness is important in all restaurants but more so in those serving raw fish. Likewise, a very busy restaurant is more likely to have very fresh fish.

Sushi is not a weakness -- it is a strength. Enjoy!

Did You Know?

Have a question about food or health? Need to know the best way to whip egg whites or what trans-fatty acids are? Ask Dr. Gourmet questions are archived on the website. Common questions about Coumadin (warfarin), weight loss, eatTHISdiet, and other food, cooking, or general health questions are all listed at Ask Dr. Gourmet.

Bay Scallops

Scallops are a bivalve mollusk like clams and mussels. The scallop that you buy at the fish market is actually the muscle that holds the two shells together.

Bay scallops are a smaller species of scallop and the best are harvested on the east coast of the United States. The Atlantic Bay Scallop is small � about a half inch in diameter and is sweeter and more delicate than the larger Sea Scallop.

Most Atlantic scallops are found in the bays of Cape Cod ranging south to Long Island. Finding good quality New England scallops outside of that region can be a challenge. Bay Scallops

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

Cooking to Reduce the Burn was created specifically for those suffering from GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). With Tummy Tips and easy recipes to help you eat well and eat healthy without painful acid reflux. Download it for FREE!

Hand on Heart

Hand on Heart

Dr. Harlan's latest cookbook, Hand on Heart, includes several of the recipes from drgourmet.com, plus a few that were developed specifically for the book, like Banoffee Pie! More on what's inside.

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