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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
December 4, 2006

Chef Tim Says...

There are a number of different species of tuna but the most common found in the fresh fish market will be yellowfin, bluefin and albacore (or white).

The flesh of bluefin tuna turns a darker red as the tuna grows older and the flavor intensifies. Many are worried about the bluefin being overfished. These tuna mature slowly and many are caught when still young and the result has been depletion of the fisheries. Choose bluefin that is dark red with an even color to the flesh.

Yellowfin tuna is a paler color than bluefin and the flavor is milder. You might see this listed on a menu or in the market as "ahi" tuna. Yellowfin are found in the tropical waters of all oceans on the planet and are not farmed fish. Yellowfin tuna should not be confused with the fish "yellowtail," which is a species of amberjack. Tuna

Featured Recipe: Sweet Red Pepper Barbecue Tuna

I like this sweet sauce a lot, but have toned it down a little for posting to the website. If you like spicy food, don't hesitate to add more hot sauce. For the brave between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon should be sufficient to make this dish really zing.

You can use bottled roasted red peppers for this barbecue sauce. Make sure that the ones that you purchase are packed in water and my measurements have shown that one medium sized red bell pepper roasted, peeled and seeded weighs about 2 ounces. Sweet Red Pepper Barbecue Tuna

Isis and Minerva

Minerva Says: I love Thanksgiving. My sheer happiness and appreciation of it cannot be expressed in mere words. It is a time of year when I stuff my face and have dessert and yell when I can't see the TV and nobody faults me for it. Oh sure, others may be able to act like this twenty-four-seven without consequence, but this is a special commodity for me. Thanksgiving

Featured Ingredient
Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a catchall term for whatever you happen to have in your pantry. For most of us this is Tabasco but there are hundreds of sauces on the market. One Web site that I know of offers over a thousand different types. The type that you use is entirely dependent on your ability to stand the heat in the kitchen. Hot Sauce

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

Cooking to Reduce the Burn

Cooking to Reduce the Burn was created specifically for those suffering from GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). With Tummy Tips and easy recipes to help you eat well and eat healthy without painful acid reflux. Download it for FREE!

Hand on Heart

Hand on Heart

Dr. Harlan's latest cookbook, Hand on Heart, includes several of the recipes from drgourmet.com, plus a few that were developed specifically for the book, like Banoffee Pie! More on what's inside.

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