Dr. Gourmet Newsletter

Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
May 1, 2006

Dr. Tim Says...

I hear a lot of patients say things about eating healthy and losing weight that are simply not true. For the next few weeks I am going to share some of these myths with you and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Skipping a meal is a good way to diet and lose weight. Weight Loss Myths (Part 1)

Ask Dr. Gourmet

Dear Dr. Gourmet,

I can't seem to find a diet on your site for a diabetic/coumidin person. Husband had open heart surgery in Jan. and I can't seem to cook right... every time he goes to get his coumidin level checked it is different.... he is also a diabetic on oral medication for that.... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Gourmet Says

The first step is for you and your husband to speak with your physician about the the number of calories he should be eating each day. Many physicians have dietitians available to their patients. Such referrals are especially helpful and if possible, you should go to the appointment with your husband. Read the rest of the answer.

Featured Recipe:
Curried Sea Scallops

This is such an easy recipe and so very elegant. The hardest part is mincing a tablespoon of shallots. Well, you do have to make some rice and a veggie to go with it, but it's still a perfect weeknight meal when you're tired and it works for Saturday night dinner parties. Curried Sea Scallops

Featured Ingredient:
Curry Powder

In America, this means the yellow powder you buy in the store, but there are almost infinite variations of curry powder. In the Far East, curry powders vary by individual cook, region, country, and even the class of who is being served. Most curries are spicier than the yellow curry that Americans may be used to. Curry Powder

Hand on Heart

Hand on Heart

Dr. Harlan's latest cookbook, Hand on Heart, includes several of the recipes from drgourmet.com, plus a few that were developed specifically for the book, like Banoffee Pie! More on what's inside.

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