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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
March 20, 2006

Dr. Tim Says...

There are some risks that you can’t change, like your family history or gender. Lifestyle issues like exercise and diet are the factors that you have the most control over, and one factor in understanding your risk is not just in what you weigh. One indirect measure that is used is the Body Mass Index. This calculation (explained in a Dr. Tim Says… column a few months ago) is widely used in research and has proven a fairly accurate predictor of risk for illness.

Another measurement is the Waist to Hip Ratio or WHR. This is calculated by dividing the measurement around your waist by the measurement around your hips. If the result is over 1.0 you would be considered to be at higher risk for heart disease and other health problems. Researchers have called having a high WHR the "apple" shape because weight is centered in the abdomen. People who are apple shaped are at higher risk than those with their weight centered in their hips (also known as "pear" shaped). Waist and Hip Measurements

Chef Tim Says...

I do love to go to grocery stores. One of my favorite tourist stops when I am traveling is the local market. It could be a tiny little shop in the English countryside presided over by a gentleman who seems to know each and every item in the store. Or it might be the supermarket in the 17th arrondissement in Paris: it really doesn't matter to me. I feel more connected to a culture by seeing what and how they purchase on a day to day basis. At the Grocery

Featured Recipe: Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Shrimp Fra Diavolo is one of my favorite recipes. It is the perfect dish to make on a Saturday afternoon, and it fills the house with the robust aroma of garlic and tomatoes. A full meal of satisfying pasta with just a bit of spice to warm you up in this last week of Winter.

Ask Dr. Gourmet

Q: I was wondering if you would be willing to give me a quick run-down of why you like or don't like [about] the following cookware choices and what you would use each one for if at all....

A: Read Dr. Gourmet's comments on cookware

Featured Ingredient:
Types of Shrimp

There are two main types of shrimp--cold water shrimp and warm water shrimp. Practically speaking most of the domestic shrimp available in U.S. markets is of the warm water variety and is caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Thailand and South America, however, have become a major exporters of shrimp to the world.

There are three main species of shrimp--white, pink and brown. More about Shrimp...

Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Amy's Black Bean Burrito

New reviews include Amy's Black Bean Burrito, Amy's Breakfast Burrito, and Amy's Burrito Especial. Read more reviews.

Isis and Minerva

Isis Says: Whenever my parents ask if I want to go to Whole Foods, a grocery store in Atlanta, I always say yes. When we get there, first I look at the produce and the colors and textures of the fruits and vegetables, and then I head straight for the olive oil. At Whole Foods in Midtown, Atlanta, there is an olive oil tasting in the olive oil aisle. Olive Oil

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