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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
March 13, 2006

Dr. Tim Says...

It has become clearer and clearer that diets high in saturated fat and trans fats are associated with health problems. I have written about many different research studies that link diets high in these types of fats with heart disease and stroke. Recently, however, a very well designed study shows a clear connection between Alzheimer's Disease and an increased intake of saturated and trans fat.

Certainly in the last few years it has become easier for consumers to know exactly what to do about their diets. Back when I started eating healthy and changing my style of cooking, all fats were bad. We now know that there is more to it than this simple statement, and this research on Alzheimer's is a good example of how the type of fat is the important factor in eating for good health. Dietary Fat and the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Chef Tim Says...

This question was posted to the eatTHISdiet Support Group the other day: “I like the idea of dessert, but do you have to adjust the daily menu? How often can you have dessert?” Dessert is part of eating well and is part of eatTHISdiet. Desserts are good, chocolate is better!

Featured Recipe:
Halibut with Seven Spices

You can eat well, eat healthy, lose weight and live better by making simple changes and better choices in your recipes and ingredients. This week's featured recipe is a great example. Halibut with Seven Spices has 23 grams of fat, but of that only 4 grams is saturated fat. Halibut is very high in the good Omega 3 fats. Serve it with the Lentil Rice Pilaf and you have so much great food that it's hard to remember that it's good for you. This is the perfect dish for your next dinner party and your guests don't even have to know that you're helping keep them healthy.

Featured Ingredient:

Lentils are legumes like peas, garbanzos and peanuts. They are mostly carbohydrate and protein not very much fat. They have tons of fiber with a half cup of cooked lentils coming in at around 8 grams. There is very good evidence that eating legumes lowers the risk for heart disease. Research by a group looking at almost 10,000 men published in November 2001 showed that even one serving of lentils or chick peas a week lowers the risk of heart disease. And the best part is that the more you eat, the lower the risk. Eating legumes 4 times or more per week reduces the risk of heart disease by as much as 22%. More about Lentils...

Dr. Gourmet Reviews

Last week I answered an Ask Dr. Gourmet question about how dessert fits into a healthy diet. We are going to begin a series of reviews on quick and easy desserts with the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Eclair. Read more reviews.

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