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Dr. Gourmet Newsletter:
February 2006

This has been an incredibly exciting time for Dr. Gourmet. The website is growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with it. We have added recipes, reviews of research, commentary, ingredient and equipment information and sections for Special Diet Resources at a dizzying rate.

Drgourmet.com is becoming the resource that I have always wanted it to be. Regrettably, there are too many diets that make outrageous claims but are based on little or no research. The plans are simply what someone thinks makes sense without any foundation in reality or science. Being able to provide readers with reliable, factual information about what has been proven to be a healthy diet is one of my primary concerns.

A growing body of research proves what a healthy diet can do for us and in the last few months I have been able to write on some of these. Here are the links to those columns including next week’s Dr. Tim Says… column on how carefully decreasing the amount of calories and the portion size of a dish can add up to an additive reduction in calories.

1. Fish Really IS Brain Food!
2. Eat Less, Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
3. Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact
4. A Mediterranean Diet Won't Make You Fat
5. Eating fish slows the progression of heart disease!
6. Low Fat Diets Don't Make You Fat
7. Proof that You Can Eat Less, Eat Fewer Calories, and Still Be Satisfied

To be able to support such research with practical tools—including recipes and a diet plan like eatTHISdiet—is the most important part. It’s OK to talk about how important eating fish can be in the prevention of heart disease, but you need to know how to include that information in your daily life. So there are recipes and tools to help you actually eat better.

The feedback that comes back from readers makes this even more rewarding. Please write to me at askdrgourmet@drgourmet.com or to my webmaster at webmaster@drgourmet.com and let me know what you think of the site, the recipes, or anything else you'd like to share.

In the coming months we will continue to add tools and features to make eating healthy easy and satisfying. This month the information for people who use warfarin (Coumadin) will be expanded, and we'll be adding a section for people who are sensitive to gluten. This week we are adding Ask Dr. Gourmet… a section that lets you ask questions about food, recipes, equipment, healthy diets, etc., and posts the responses so others can learn as well.

Thanks for reading,

Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life!

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.
Dr. Gourmet

Featured Recipe

This month's featured recipe is one of my oldest and most favorite Dr. Gourmet recipes. Fettucine Alfredo is in the spotlight because a number of people on eatTHISdiet have commented recently on how good it is. It is a recipe that also shows what this week's column talks about - that making meals that have fewer calories with all the flavor combined with normal sized portions is a great way to eat.

Featured Ingredient:

This is a hard granular cheese that originates in Parma Italy. Those made in the area of Parma and Reggio Emilia are the real deal. Whenever possible I use the Italian cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano) rather than domestic or imports from South America, and I certainly don't use the stuff in the green can. This costs more but the flavor difference is worth it. More...

Hand on Heart Winners!

Hand on Heart

Congratulations to our February 2006 winners of Hand on Heart, including Peter C., from Johannesburg, South Africa
Order your own copy from Amazon.com.

Dr. Tim Says...

There are two ways to eat fewer calories. One is to eat smaller portions and the other to reduce the amount of calories in a particular dish. With Dr. Gourmet recipes I work at both of these approaches, enhancing the taste and satisfaction of a recipe by choosing lower calorie ingredients that maximize flavor. More...


Over fifteen new reviews have been added in the last month. The latest? Amy's Spinach Feta in a Pocket and Amy's Broccoli & Cheese in a Pocket. Read other reviews.

Isis and Minerva

Isis and Minerva are the pen names of two teenaged women with unique, but healthy, perspectives on food. Read their columns for a fresh look at food.

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