Welcome to the first Dr. Gourmet Newsletter!

This newsletter begins with a monthly mailing and will move to weekly distribution soon. The goals are keep you up to date with what is going on in the world of eating healthy. Think of this as the remote control for the most up to date items that Dr. Gourmet has to offer (and you can’t lose this remote in between the sofa cushions).

Initially the newsletter will have several sections. This column will be one section and will be a complete feature – you won’t have to link back to the site to read the whole thing.

The other items will be on specific topics and will direct you to the website for more information. Think of this as the dashboard to drgourmet.com. The topics might include any of the following:

1. Featured recipe. There is now at least one featured recipe each week on the website. This might be a holiday recipe or just one that I have worked on and especially enjoy.

2. Dr. Tim Says… A featured column on research that directly impacts your life. It’s certainly important to know how eating healthy can help you to live longer and live better but interpreting the research can be daunting sometimes. The information will be concise and not only offer interpretation of the research but how you can practically make the changes part of your life.

3. On the countertop… A quickie sidebar on my favorite recent ingredient, technique or equipment discovery.

4. Chef Tim Says… A article about eating healthy. These are more in depth writings about cooking and eating healthy than the sidebar items you'll see in the individual recipes.

5. On the burner… What’s going on with Dr. Gourmet. Books, newsletters, appearances, discussion groups, television spots – anything that might be news this month.

5. Ask Dr. Gourmet… This has been a very popular feature of the website in the past and we will be launching it again in January of 2006. The most interesting question of the month will win a copy of Hand on Heart and be posted to the newsletter with a link back to the answer and other Ask Dr. Gourmet questions. Get a head start and ask a question now by sending an email to askdrgourmet@drgourmet.com.

6. Reviews… For some time the Dr. Gourmet tasting panel has been reviewing ingredients and convenience foods. A link to the most interesting item.

7. The refrigerator light goes on … This is the title that I have used for some time for that “ah ha” moment of a recipe, piece of research, technique, ingredient or what have you. This could link you back almost anywhere on the website.

You might imagine that I would want you to pass Dr. Gourmet on to your friends, and I encourage you to do so. If your friends enjoy the newsletter, there's a link at the bottom of the newsletter so that they can sign up for themselves.

Thanks for subscribing. Eat well, eat healthy, enjoy life!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD
Dr. Gourmet

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