Great ingredients make for great meals. Whenever you can, use the highest quality supplies for your recipes. The flavor difference will always come through in your finished dish.

If there is an ingredient that you are not familiar with, check our Ingredient section. There are pages and pages of information about the ingredients used in my recipes.


Ingredient Information


All oils have approximately 5 grams of fat per teaspoon but vary in the amount of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. It appears that the best oils are those with more monounsaturated fats. The two monounsaturated oils used most often in these recipes are olive oil and canola oil.

Olive oil is great for use when one is going to sauté or for making a savory sauce. Obviously, using olive oil for dressings is good because of its distinctive flavor. Virgin olive oils are made from the first olive pressings and have more of the fruity olive flavor.

When a recipe needs oil (but doesn't need the flavor from the oil to be a part of the final dish) canola oil is a great choice. It has very little flavor of its own. This is also a good oil for curing a pan like with an Iron Skillet.