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Ingredient Information

Hanger Steak

This cut of beef has become quite popular lately. The name of the cut is derived from the fact that the steak "hangs" between the last rib and the loin. It is part of the diaphragm and is a very tender cut except for the tough membrane that runs through the center of the steak. After the beef on either side of the membrane is cut away they resemble two small tenderloins. (If you are not experienced, your butcher can trim this for you.)

The trimmed steak is very lean yet intensely flavored. Cook it as you would tenderloin or flank steak over high heat either grilling, broiling or pan grilling in the oven.

4 ounces hanger steak = 174 calories, 8g fat, 3g sat fat, 3g mono fat, 24g protein, <1g carbohydrates, 60mg sodium, 39mg cholesterol, Vitamin K 1 mcg