Great ingredients make for great meals. Whenever you can, use the highest quality supplies for your recipes. The flavor difference will always come through in your finished dish.

If there is an ingredient that you are not familiar with, check our Ingredient section. There are pages and pages of information about the ingredients used in my recipes.


Ingredient Information


The most common gelatin available in the U.S. is granular. Buy it in the boxes with individual envelopes because they store better. Softening the powder in cold water is the first step to using gelatin for any recipe. Don't try to rush this. Use warm or hot water only after the gelatin is softened or you risk ending up with small chewy bits in your recipe.

There may be recipes that you come across that call for sheet gelatin. This is a popular form of gelatin in Europe and is becoming available in the U.S. now. Usually 4 sheets are the equivalent of one teaspoon of powdered gelatin.